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    AT&T Says Injecting Ads Into Airport Wi-Fi Was A Test

    The Washington Wi-Fi Project has already been terminated. It was designed primarily as a sort of advanced game program. We'd hoped it might build into a good training platform... but, quite honestly, for a strictly theoretical exercise... the cost-benefit ratio was just too high. It's all...
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    IBM Launches Tone Analyzer

    I need this! i get accused of sounding like Dan Akroyd ( ref. )
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    Need new gamer PC, current is 5 years old!

    Just a me-too comment on Asrock motherboards. I had one bad board about 5 years ago, but as mentioned above they seem to be improving in engineering and quality control. I have no problems with ASUS products (enjoying the fine 1750ac router as I type) but their customer service record of late...
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    Final Antitrust Charges Against Google from EU Coming Soon

    And maybe some Google Play apps on your iPhone?
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    QR Code on Heinz Ketchup Bottles Goes to Porn Site

    Condoment - I see what you did there!
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    Trouble with R9 270X + Thinkstation E30

    My first two thoughts are either a BIOS setting or a flaky PSU. I had a similar sort of issue with my son's computer a few years ago. Far enough back that I can't recall the details, but the solution had to do with the integrated graphics settings in BIOS. You might try some targetted...
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    Sick of waiting on AMD... new build suggestions

    Then you get to see how Skylake shakes things up perfomance and price-wise. Save your sheckels and lkeep scheming. I took over three months to settle on my build.
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    Is brand loyalty worth it? AKA: My x58 build went poof

    I find myself buying Asrock motherboards lately, mostly because of price but also because they haven't delivered the suck yet. I think everyone has a brand they will not buy, probably whatever they got burned with when manufacturers were using cheap capacitors. I just retired my old desktop...
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    Use of old computers?

    Use them for a computer lab. Or as a demonstration project for distributed computing, by folding for the [H]orde (with permission of course). A creative science teacher could use them in a lot of ways.
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    Sorry to hear that RAD. I found the list of supported memory for this board (assume same model): There is no DDR3 1600 memory that passed with 6 dimms. Did you try running at 1333?
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    Am I running the memory @ stock 1600mhz??

    @kirbyrj, Definitely on point. Just to remind others, DDR = Double Data Rate
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    My old system which just got replaced was real sensitive to RAM in the second set of slots. I could run anything with just two dimms and overclock like crazy. But if I filled the other two slots I had to back off from the factory clock and underclock the RAM from 800 to 667 MHz. You may be in...
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    Can I squeeze more life out of this build?

    I opted for the ASUS Strix 750Ti for my build. I don't demand too much from my games so it's more than enough for my needs. Nice thing about this GPU is the low TDP. It will allow you to upgrade to a nice GPU without replacing your PSU...
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    Sick of waiting on AMD... new build suggestions

    I opted for a Xeon E3-1231v3 in my recent desktop upgrade. Occasional gamer but need the system to also host a Minecraft server. The Xeon E3 1231 and 1241 give you i7 performance at an i5 price. They don't have integrated GPU and they don't overclock.
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    This thread seems to be all over the place on the X58 and RAM issues: Somewhere in all that chaos was a suggestion to back off on the RAM clock. That might be fruitful. I think I'd start with memtest and run 2 or 3 sticks at a time and...