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    Saw your 20x30x20 monitor setup and I'm trying to do the same thing, with the same rotation but...

    Saw your 20x30x20 monitor setup and I'm trying to do the same thing, with the same rotation but to no avail. I'm using Ubuntu, and it's hard to tell but if you are also using Ubuntu could I get a copy of your xorg.conf file? Cheers Jason
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    Finding ports to upload torrents on behind uni switch

    Greetings, I used to have some real great upload speeds and connectivity through my uni provided internet, but it's being handled by another company now and it's essentially impossible for anyone to find me. Essentially I'm "not clever" by Oink's old standards. I know how to fix these...
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    C++/make compiler error help

    Yep, Arainach got it. Works fine with g++-3.3. I thought those warnings were just advisory for deprecated items, not full-out incompatibilty. Oh well. Thanks!
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    C++/make compiler error help

    I know that this code compiled with make on a different machine, was tarballed, sent to me, and now it throws all these errors. So I'm really asking, do these errors look indicative of some problem in my environment that you recognize?
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    C++/make compiler error help

    I'm trying to compile a project that was sent to me using the included make file, but I'm getting a bunch of errors. The make file specifies g++-3.3 explicitly, but I commented that out to just use g++ and I'm using -4.0.1, I'm not sure if that's the cause of these problems but I'll mention...
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    Hot Deal! EVGA B stock!

    Hah, the next special products sale will begin in 1 hour and 647 minutes...
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    Zalman Z-Machine GT1000

    Erg, I loved the old case, but hated the fatal1ty logos, now I love this case but hate the Zmachine logo (so cheesy)...c'mon zalman, give me something clean
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    Maxtor 500GB Ultra DMA/100 16MB Buffer $109 Shipped.

    So as far as connections go, does Ultra DMA = ATA/IDE?
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    [H]ot: Corsair 2GB DDR2-675 ... $78 shipped @ ZZF

    I know it's only 5400, but man these ram deals are getting absolutely ridiculous.
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    The Longest Journey - 7.95 Via Steam

    So, I had never heard of this game so I decided to do some research. This is what I found.... interesting (filthy) game
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    DDR800 ram in SD32g2?

    Thanks, that's what I was assuming. I mean, I've run ram at faster than it's rated speeds with more or less no regard for supported chipset specs, this would just be kind of like skipping that step. If anyone has any opinion (even if it's in support of this conclusion) please throw a quick...
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    DDR800 ram in SD32g2?

    Like many of you guys here on the board, I've fell victim to one of the many great ram deals in the past month and bought some ballistix DDR 800, and was planning on building a SD32g2 or SK22g2. Finally decided for the SD, and as I was buying it I noticed someone claiming that their ddr800...
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    Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 800MHz Memory $99.99AR Free

    Grr, this ram deal just committed me to purchasing a whole new computer
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    Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 800MHz Memory $99.99AR Free

    Agreed. These ram prices are can I not build a new rig?
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    Frys SATAII Maxtor OEM HD 100.00 + shipping

    Hah, yes, I'll agree with that. People always infer the worst tone from written text, I should have thrown a smiley in there. In clarifying, obviously it has nothing to do with the time I spend clicking the link (two links btw, one for the thread, one for the item...really racking them up now)...