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    Card Reader Faceplate

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    Card Reader Faceplate

    I just picked up a Roswill x in 1 card and it is a 3.5" format. I have a 600T case. I emailed their support team to see if they have an after market faceplate since Roswill does not. Any other suggestions? Sure I could cut a whole in an existing slot grill, but would prefer not to do that.
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    What was a good AM2/AM2+ SLI mobo?

    I have a nice Asus M3A79-T Deluxe in my FS thread. Very nice unit. LMK if interested and PM me.
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    Asus Crosshair III worth it

    How would you compare this and the deluxe against the new Gigabyte AM3 mobo with the newer 3.0 USB? Worth it for somewhat future proofing?
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    Relatively Quiet?

    I have a triple MCR320 in the top with Scythe S-Flex fans. I have a second MCR220 in the drive bays. With this setup I have only room for my optical drive and the drive cage. So if you have card readers and other drive units, this setup wont work for you. I have the MCP655 pump. I have Noctua...
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    120mm case fan help

    You can't go wrong with Noctua. If you don't mind the color scheme, they are cool and quite.
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    How to install Bitspower compression fittings?

    I had the same problem. You just have to hold the two pieces tightly and wiggle them until they sort of loosen up and you should be fine.
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    Asus "Marine Cool" Concept MB

    Very cool looking. No pun intended. It would be nice if you could 'plug' in a watercooling unit and it was liquid cooled with stock hardware.
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    Pre-Project Planning (suggestions wanted)

    I would recommend for quiet fans Noctua. I don't think you can get much better in IMHO. They cost ya, but well worth it. I don't remember the name of the cathodes but whatever that Sidewinder Computers has is what I have and they are great. Not sure on the sound dampening stuff, but I am...
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    Cheapest place for tubing?

    I got my Tygon at sidewinder computers. Price was good, but not sure what you are looking for. Take a look there. Good luck.
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    ATTN: Phenom II Owners

    :DBuy a nice Xigmatek S1283 aftermarket fan for cheap and dump that loud hunk of metal. You will be very happy with the sound and the cooler you will get with that unit. My two cents
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    Looking for a new case

    If you can find the cosmos s on sale it is a great case. I am selling my Zalman GS1000 and is a very nice case. Lots of features. Good luck.
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    What case am I looking for?

    There are so many cases too choose from. I just bought a cosmos s on sale and it is awesome. If you can find it on sale I would recomend it. I have and am selling my Zalman GS1000 and loved it. A case to consider in your search IMO. Pm if interested. Happy case hunting.
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    Building a Phenom II based system. best Mobo?

    I have the M3A79T and love it. Great OCing mobo. Lots of features. Happy shopping. BTW I have a nice Zalman GS1000 case for sale if you are still looking for a case. LMK Good luck with your build.