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    Windows 7 downgrading with CD key

    Doesn't really matter if your key was an upgrade key rather than a full install key anyways, really. The workarounds linked above work perfectly well for conducting a fully clean install with an upgrade disk/key.
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    Windows 7 downgrading with CD key

    Was the 'upgrade' key actually tried? The product distributed by Digital River via the so-called 'student upgrade' deal is actually supposed to be a full install version. The people advertising it didn't understand that "upgrade" has a specific meaning in relation to licensing, and assumed...
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    Possible to create a folder under the main start menu in Windows 7? Many of the registry tricks used in XP and Vista before it also work in windows 7 :D
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    Windows 7 no IE8 ?

    Yep. Topic post links old and now outdated information. The 'European' version of Windows 7 includes IE8, and on first run of that browser presents a 'ballot screen' choice which mentions alternative browsers, listed in order of their relevent market shares, and provides links to where they...
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    Windows 7 upgrade question. Can I do this...?

    There is no practical mechanism to prevent you from doing so. Again, there is no practical mechanism to prevent you from doing so. Remember, however, that when using an upgrade install key you'll either need to have a qualifying install of an older version in place, or use an upgrade...
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    Am I unique to liking a small C partition?

    Very few programs give you no option for install location. Those programs which do give you no option are poorly written ones which it would be best to replace with something better written.
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    Windows 7: actual benefits of 64-bit?

    64-bit Windows does NOT 'need' double the RAM. The minimum recommendatios are what they are because the additional overhead of 64-bit Windows only has meaningful impact down in the lower reaches. By the time you reach 4Gb installed RAM the differences aren't meaningfully noticeable. The...
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    Win 7 upgrade- can you install Win 7 on a different hard drive then what Xp is on?

    Yes. Choose 'Custom' as the install type and then select the drive/partition where you want to place the new install. That will create a dual-boot configuration for you, with boot menu already configured and operating.
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    Question about Windows 7 OEM

    Everry time I've had need to call to activate Windows the question asked has been "Is this copy of Windows only installed on one PC?" Answering that in the affirmative not only gets you an activation code - it also means you didn't actually tell lies!
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    Going from RC to final version of Ultimate?

    Fresh installs are always possible using upgrade media/keys. People just need to understand that 'custom clean' gives just as clean/reliable an end-result as does 'wipe and install clean'. Anyways, as DeaconFrost suggest, you only gotta do it (with qualifying install in place) the once and...
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    Help with windows 2k to 7 upgrade

    Wrong. The info appeared on Microsoft Store website for the 'Half Price Upgrade PreOrder' special deal, and remained there for full priced preorders for a fair while before Microsoft altered the Eligibility information displayed there.
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    Favorite Feature(s) in Win7?

    Welcome to 3 years ago. You must've skipped Vista! :D
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    Win 7: This is going to sound stupid

    Ooops. Read too quickly and didn't notice who it was that posted :cool: Anyways. Can't do it in a folder because Explorer auto-sorts the display of contents. You can change the sort algorithm to work Windows 2000 style, but you can't disable it altogether as far as I'm aware.
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    Win 7: This is going to sound stupid

    Reread my post, to see the edit. :D
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    Win 7: This is going to sound stupid

    Nothing happens when you do that because Explorer is configured to display folder contents in alphanumeric order. Edit: For desktop, right-click, choose 'View' and then enable 'Auto-arrange'. Your much desired little bars will now show when you try drag/dropping the icons to shift them...