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    differences between the fx 55's

    PM me with the full date code and stepping and I can tell you more.
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    differences between the fx 55's

    As that I have both the CH and the SD cores. I can tell you what it boils down to. It really depends on the stepping as to how well it will OC. most SD cores have issues with Cold bug and cant handle much more the just water or air cooling. it takes a special core for it to do so. Most on...
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    need help found a FX-55 for $299. Real quick question!

    Nice thing about ClawHammer FX55 is the SOI. Also they used Strained Silcon. Also they have no cold bug issues. I have a FX55 Clawhammer and it easily Oc's to 3.5ghz with minimal ultra cold temp from phase or dice. All on a Neo2 platinum. Great chip. in fact im selling my even better ocing and...
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    Any system builders who offer phase-cooled rigs?

    another that Can do it and has done it Is PC Ice cooling. I can even get you hooked up there if you like. Just feel free to PM me with what you are looking for. Here is a thread for one of his units he has done.
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    Affordable ($300 or lower) phase-change found!

    So is your only intent to post just to argue and be an ass. I completly stated my opinion and what I see. If you cant understand where i am comming from then you have little knowledge or experince on the subject. For some Joe Smo that decides to get one thinking he is getting outright extreme...
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    Affordable ($300 or lower) phase-change found!

    My qualifications to answer are......... I have a Custom built single stage unit that runs -57 unloaded and -48 fully loaded with FX55 CH core or FX57 SD, I also have a dual pump cascade that runs -117 unloaded and -107 fully loaded with 275 to 300 watts. Without naming names someone I know...
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    Affordable ($300 or lower) phase-change found!

    Its also very underpowered and not very load capable. be the equvilent of running H2o Cooling on a higer oced CPU. There is a reason that GOOD if not Great units start around 700 to 900 bucks. This thing needs a bigger compressor, larger condensor and a better evap. as well as good gas. It may...
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    Post your oc with Vapo LS/MachII+ s939 and BH5 or Tccd

    Ummm WOW!!! :eek: so does this mean you think the strangle hold AMD has on the performance is over?? I hope not. Those are some very nice piece of hardware. How is the ATI with coldbug.. Any issues? And is that a 3" mousepot there next to GPU pots?
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    Post your oc with Vapo LS/MachII+ s939 and BH5 or Tccd

    I can link you to our old stuff and to OCX where some of our work is displayed. We do Singlestage Phase units, we do Dual Pump Cascade units, Autocascades and more pahse cooling even for vid cards. We even do Dice/ln2 tubes and parts as well as more stuff to come with the new web site. Just alot...
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    Anti-Overclocker's thoughts

    As I would agree that This guy is about as full of shit as anyone here. I find it amazingly funny of all the people here that think the FX line of CPU's are nothing, but yet have to continually compare against them. Even though you may be able to OC that 144 or 146 or 165 to those STOCK levels...
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    Team Xtreem @ TankGuys

    Correct there E.. For the poster that was spouting about Team being a poor company that wont be around long and doesnt even value their warranty.. You couldnt be further from the truth or know what is even going on. One of my BEST freinds in the world works for them. He had previously worked for...
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    What is your favorite brand of memory and why?

    I have ;) lol ,,, JK E. :D Anyhow. I have watched Gskill from the begining and also Teamgroup. Funny that i was one of the first 2 or three people on any of the major forums to really have Teamgroup memory. I have some of their BH5 and also some Tcccd. But it also Helps when I have...
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    Post your oc with Vapo LS/MachII+ s939 and BH5 or Tccd

    Yes as soon as we get our new site done.. Working on the Flash and cool stuff. You will have to check it out. There will be lots of parts for sale as well as single stage units Cascades and auto cascades and DryIce Ln2 Tubes n more.. Come check us out sometime on OCX Corn..
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    AMD Athlon FX vs X2

    A few things wrong with your info First off is that the Very first FX was the FX51 and then a FX53. Both did require ECC memory and wer based on the socket 940 as Opterons were at that time. Then came the Hammer cores. First 939 FX was a FX53 and it did NOT use ECC memory it ran @ 2.4ghz...
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    Post your oc with Vapo LS/MachII+ s939 and BH5 or Tccd

    PC Ice Has a NEW web site under construction (reconstuction) as we speak now. He is the current KING of power cooling Via Phase units. He also sells parts and does upgrades and mods on current units out there now both commercial and non. He also has his own line of Dry Ice/ LN2 Tubes as well...