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    GeForce 6800 for (really) old games??

    Well, if its any help i run Battle Zone 2 on my 6800 GT on windows XP pro with SP2. I can also run dog fighter, which is a really old DX7 games, i just play them for the fun of it, I also play CS Source, HL2, Doom3, Halo PC, Starwars Battle Front, Star wars republic commando and looking forward...
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    My 6800GT with NV5 "droops"

    Alien ware has card supports that are attached to the slots in back, maybea similar product exists or you could contact them and request a special order.
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    A8V-Deluxe R2, 3200 winnnie hangs when useing AGP/PCI lock.

    Apparently my a8v has an issue with my cpu or something. I can oc to 2.5~2.6 on stock cooler no problem(except i have to use a divider because of the pissy via crap set), but other than that it oc's ok. Anyhow when i use the AGP/PCI lock the system will some times hang when booting, all the...
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    A8V Deluxe Rev 2 opinions please

    What are your BIOS settings? For some reason mine goes nutz when i try 250 fsb when i lock it to DDR400 for effective asyncronous fsb. I don't know why, it just won't get up there and I have brand new OCZ PC4000 which is reccommended for my mobo. I think the average A8V's only do about 230 FSB...
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    ==How to Flash the BFG6800GT OC into an Ultra in a safe way==

    I agree. If anything and you get a dud ocer, just mod the voltage to 1.4 with omniextremeedit thingy. Although you need a decent heatsink, i have to get the arctic silencer 5 before i can oc mine on 1.4v.
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    Abit AV8 Third Eye or Asus A8V DeLuxe

    I'd say MSI neo 2 boards. I have an A8V r 2.0 deluxe. Its one of the best and smoothest running mobo's i've ever used(have used Abit, Asus, MSI and gigabyte). But its haveing problems with the winchester cores. I guess its fairly common on a certain stepping of the winnie cores, but the AGP/PCI...
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    A8V Deluxe Rev 2 opinions please

    NO the PCI/AGP lock does NOT fully work on all the rev. 2.00 baords. ALOT of people who have winchester cores are haveing problems with it, it causes the system to hang before booting and several other weird things. Its ONLY the winchester that it is currently haveing problems with and i believe...
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    A8V not at its limit??

    You board is most likely the problem, acutally the chipset rather. Most K8T800 Pro's top at about 230 or 240 fsb. Try useing a divider to keep the actual memory FSB down. It has literally almost no impact on performance, since the memroy controller is on cpu it reacts differently than the intel...
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    ==How to Flash the BFG6800GT OC into an Ultra in a safe way==

    One more question, i think part of the cause may be that i do not use driver cleaner utilities, does anybody know any good ones?
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    ==How to Flash the BFG6800GT OC into an Ultra in a safe way==

    No that is not what i meant. What i mean is that every time i run the benchmark my card slows down a little more. If i run it in a loop it will score lower each pass until it stops at a certain point. I am going to do some more testing tonight, but if anybody has any experience wihth a problem...
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    Best 6800GT?

    A thought on HL2, the ATI cards do run faster, like 15 ot 20 percent, but that is because HL2 is not full DX9, it uses a combination of DX8 and DX9 even on the fastest cards, so i think that is why, because the 6800's are meant to run their best on full DX9c while the ati cards are abit older...
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    Best 6800GT?

    Not only do they have sweet customer service but they also come factory OCed to 370 versus 350 reference. I love my BFG card. The only thing you might not like is that they supposedly have a tweaked BIOS, in my case it prevented me from coing past 380 GPU until i moded the bios to run the gpu at...
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    ==How to Flash the BFG6800GT OC into an Ultra in a safe way==

    I successfully flashed to a modified BIOS i made with that one program(its listed onthis forum, to lazy to look it up), any how, i have a BFG 6800 GT OC, now i changed only the gpu volts to 1.4 from 1.3 and lowered the default clock speed to 350 in stead of the 370(since it is factory oced) just...
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    ==How to Flash the BFG6800GT OC into an Ultra in a safe way==

    Maybe its not all the GPU's in particular, remember than no two cores are the same on the atomic level or even the microscopic level. So maybe how much juice your GPU can take is simply luck of the draw, most GPU manufacturers use chips on their lower cards that don't quite cut it being top dog...
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    The Official DOOM 3 [H]ardware Guide thread.

    Well, I would just like to say Kudos to id for their superb job on D3. The one thing think that i always thought was innovative for gaming consoles was how much their games were optamized. Now computer games are starting to follow the same path, and wammoo!!!! They look exponentially better than...