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    McAfee Files Paperwork To Run For President

    If he wins, he can pardon himself ;)
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    Valve Is ‘Not Exhibiting’ At E3

    Sorry, couldn't resist
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    10% Of Americans Have Smartphone But No Broadband

    Someone needs to tell those people about FoxFi. Best $15 ever spent.
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    Amazon Introduces Home Services

    April 1st is a few days early I see..
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    Are We In Another Tech Bubble?

    I would be scared of owning Alibaba. Bubble all over this one. "The bigger concern is that, because China's government restricts foreign ownership of Chinese assets, Alibaba shareholders won't actually own the company. Instead, through a so-called variable interest entity (VIE), they will...
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    Amazon Eliminates Person-to-Person Payments

    In response to Apple Pay, Amazon has rebranded Amazon Payments to 'iAbandoned' ;)
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    Would You Use A Tablet To Make A Phone Call?

    You guys need to take the first world glasses off. People buying them are probably a poor family household where they can consolidate numerous devices to one: - Phone - PC - Books - TV Why choose when you can have them all? Hell doctors use video conferencing to diagnose patients from...
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    Netflix ISP Speed Index for July

    ATT Should be ashamed of themselves. A cellular provider beating a fiber one? lol thats rich
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    Blunder of the Day: News Thinks Video Game Screenshot Is Real

    5min 50sec into the video for the lazy
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    New Map Algorithm Finds The Most Beautiful Route

    Not sure if you were being sarcastic </Fry>
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    Microsoft's Kinect Is Now Guarding the Korean Border

    South Korea better keep that XBL subscription up otherwise Kim Jong-Un is gonna stroll on in there when the sub goes silver ;)
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    Xbox One Overtakes PS4 Hours After DRM Reversal

    I hear you brotha. Dreamcast never got a fair shake between the 'Holding out for PS2' Fanbois and the easy no mod chip needed pirating. :( I found it hilarious when the first gen PS2 games all were blurry meanwhile Soul Calibur was razor sharp and buttery smooth day one.
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    Analyst: Publishers Won't Block Used Games, Much

    Yes but this is the biggest contributor. May as well see to the insane profit they have been making directly, then pay the publishers a small percentage (for those who pay a higher publishing price of course).
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    Analyst: Publishers Won't Block Used Games, Much

    Call me crazy (it happens all the time), why don't the publishers & the big 3 (MS,Sony, Nintendo) just buy controlling stake in gamestop and demand they get compensated?... Market Cap Gamestop 4.23 Billion Sony 20.33 Billion MS 295.80 Billion (!) Nintendo 13.89 Billion
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    Zynga Lays Off More Than 500 Employees

    More like 7,8,9 'In February, Zynga shuttered its Baltimore-based offices and consolidated other locations, merging its Austin and McKinney-based studios with its Dallas location and centralizing various New York area studios. In December, Zynga closed its Japan office, two months after...