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    User name and account questions

    I really hope someone will have the answer. My home computer is networked via VPN to my office. So I have to log on the domain on my home computer with my user name being "user1" for example. Now, at the office, I had to switch domain username to, let say "user2" At home, I now have to...
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    What software do I need to...

    Didnt found one on Seagate website.
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    What software do I need to...

    I currently have a seagate sata 120g HD. I will be buying a seagate sata 320g hd. What software do I need to copy all of the content of the 120g hd to my new 320g hd, without any data lost, like it was always a 320g.
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    Network attach storage

    Data on this disk is by far not critical. Our critical dat is located on servers, back at 15 mins interval and then every 24h. This network attach storage will be like a gathering point, a common folder for all people. But now, that I think of it, we probably have an old server that...
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    Network attach storage

    This is Corporate. But we are going pretty much no server at all. Meaning our setup will be : Internet connection Sonicwall firewall router /dhcp 20 users on windows xp prof. Hosted exchange hosted web interface for our office software. We would still like to have a drive , in house...
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    Network attach storage

    Can I get a recommendation for a Network attach storage (NAS) device ? How does network client access the nas ?
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    Need recommendations on exchnage 2003 server

    I need to know what is necessary in terms or hardware ressource to have a windows 2003/exchnage 2003 server. We have 20 users at the office.
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    System monitoring software

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    WMP Embed video not showing/displaying

    I hope I can find an anwser here. On my pc every website that have windows media player video embedded in the website, I only see a blank page where the player is suppose to be. I have compared settings of my pc to my laptop, the laptop does play and show the player, and I cant find some...
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    USB hard drive locking software

    I have a USB hard drive, that I wont to protect by being only accessible if you enter a passsword. Does any free software can do that ? Thanks
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    Palm based PDA, looking for wifi finder

    Im looking for a good Wifi finder for a palm based pda. It has OS 5 and is a Tungsten T5. Any suggestions ? Thanks
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    Searching for a video player (wmv and DVD)

    Care to explain more in details ?
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    Searching for a video player (wmv and DVD)

    Maybe you are right. But I am able to do full screen on a monitor and im able to work on another. But sometimes WMP drops out of full-mode.
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    Searching for a video player (wmv and DVD)

    Found my solution. Still use WMP, but installed a new multimedia microsoft keyboard. All of the video control are on the keyboard. One more problem, WMP keep switching back out of full screen when I work on the desktop vga monitor. Any idea ?