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    Best place to buy a DS Lite?

    We picked one up at Target near us (Chicagoland) for a gift a few days after Christmas. I had no idea they were this hard to find.
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    Best Advice for a gamer with a significant other...

    I am the one with the game addiction in our house (I'm the woman)... but my husband still plays a lot of games. I was the one who went out and got 360, PS3, and Wii, all at launch, basically... and I just sold him on the DS and he got his own + Castlevania last week. I had to put his PSP on...
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    A Great Time Killer For The DS.

    I beat the 3 minute Mahjongg but it was not easy. I think that is all I played until I beat it and now I barely play it at all. LOL
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    How Old are you Console Gamers?

    Just turned 25 and my husband is 27. We are both gamers. :)
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    Fun DS game for an 11 year old girl?

    Animal Crossing
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    Wii: Rayman/Elebits Mini games any good?

    Rayman is a blast, single or multi player. It is currently my favorite game on the Wii besides Wii bowling. :) There are a bunch of different mini games, my personal favorite is shooting bunnies with toilet plungers- the Wiimote is your 'gun' and a shake of the nunchuk reloads. Non-gamers can...
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    PS3 @ Target

    I'm not too far from Milwaukee (NW Suburbs of Chicago) and I saw PS3's for sale 5 different times yesterday alone while I was Wii hunting. I did pick up three of them, not knowing if they were going to be hard to find- then when I saw the 4th and 5th ones in the next two stores I went into, I...
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    Halo 2, or wait for Halo 3?

    Can you play H2 over the 360 on Xbox Live? If I had a 360 and my buddy had an Xbox, could we play together? Sorry.. I always find a way to hijack these threads. To the OP- I really enjoyed the first two Halo's, online multiplayer was my favorite aspect of them. I think you would enjoy...
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    Weekend Wii Guide: 12/17/06

    My husband found one in a Walmart yesterday (Monday). They had gotten three of them total and put them out 30 mins before he arrived. It is truly being in the right place at the right time when you're talking Walmart. :)
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    Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II

    I have heard a lot about Guitar Hero but have never seen it played live- would this make a good gift for my husband for Christmas? We don't have a PS2 anymore, but we have a PS3, so will it work properly on it? And is the new version (2, right?) the best one to get? Any special guitar or just...
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    Anyone wanna go in with me for some XBL marketplace points?

    That is really stupid. The people who don't know any better (moms, dads, grandparents) are the only ones who will fall for it. How sad. :(
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    Why should I buy an Xbox 360 vs PS3?

    Another vote for the 360 here, after owning the 360, Wii, and PS3, the 360 is my clear winner, and I say this mostly because of the games. If I had to answer this again in a year I can't say I'd still pick the 360, though.
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    PS3 on a DELL 3007WFP

    Bummer, I wanted to hook my PS3 up to my 3007- sounds like I might have better luck with our 2407 instead. :( It has to look better on one of our monitors than it would on any of our HDTV's right (1081i, 720p)?
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    PS3 For Sale IN STORE at Walmart (Chicago Area)

    I don't know where else to post this but bundles are in stock at Maybe this is a sign of more shipments coming.
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    PS3 For Sale IN STORE at Walmart (Chicago Area)

    So nobody else in Chicago got lucky today? (PS3 lucky, not lucky lucky)