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    N00B video card question

    You may need to flash the ROM on the video card in order for it to work on a Mac. What card is it anyway?
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    *LAVA HOT* World Smallest Pocket RC Helicopter $20.71 Shipped

    Welp, look at this: has 2 "Airhawks" for 34.99, not bad...It's pretty much the same heli so that's a bonus if you want a spare or an extra for a gift.
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    *LAVA HOT* World Smallest Pocket RC Helicopter $20.71 Shipped

    finally got mine, shoddily packaged...It flies, but it has the spinning problem as well, which straightens out after awhile. What I can't figure out is the damn seesawing flight pattern it takes :p. Any guesses? It's probably something with the tail rotor isn't it.
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    If lenovo has the rights to the thinkpad brand, why is there an IBM sticker in the lower right corner where it says "thinkpad"? :confused:
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    Gaming Laptops?

    Crossposting this from the laptop showcase sticky thread: It's not bad, the only annoying things are the fans, weight, and a buzzing noise through onboard audio when listening to headphones. like tickle_me_elmo, i can play most...
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Well, its been a long time coming, but here it is finally, the laptop I won in a design contest (info here): 4 fans and a subwoofer, lol :D As you can see for reference purposes, not only does the damn thing have a clock but also is 2 inches thick. :eek: Sorry about pic quality, had to...
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    Linux can go to [H]ell

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    Help with overheating

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    Thermal paste

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    iPod Accessories and Hacks

    Best Skins Ever are just as good as Invisible Shields and are much cheaper. I have one on my Nano, works great. The application process is similar between the two skins.
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    32" HDTV $499

    its a chinese brand, probably avoid and get something better. for cheap LCD tv's I've heard good things about the Olevia series of TVs.
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    Some Polk floorstander speakers on sale @

    Would be a good deal if shipping wasn't so much. :mad: Oh well, at least I snagged the R150s when they were on sale a couple weeks ago :D
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    Battlefield 2142 - $34.90

    or you could be stingy and grab it from Best Buy for 24.99 on black friday :D