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    coil whine at >60fps on new EVGA 980 ti?

    I purchased a Sharp TV that also had a loud, whining noise. I know they are completely different products, but in speaking with Sharp they said a loud, high pitched noise could be a sign of future component failure. I swapped mine out.
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    Israel Is Number Two In Cybersecurity Behind The U.S.

    Just ignore the trolls. They are the same idiots that ignore ISIS, beheadings throughout the middle east, suicide bombings, women's rights issues in Muslim countries (honor killing, genital mutilation, being murdered for getting raped), gays being murdered for being gay and countless other...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    3DFX Voodoo Rush. Intense 3D. First game played Turok. Then I discovered this thing called Quake and it was game over.
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    Anyone else bummed out that BF4 is coming out already?

    I was out of PC gaming for a while after I bored myself of Counter Strike and never bothered to upgrade my PC. 4 years without touching a PC game. A year and a half ago I finally upgraded and starting playing BF3.. When I saw the trailer for BF4, I kept thinking that it was way too soon to...
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

    They just plain own- Period.
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    Battlefield 3 General Discussion Thread

    Anyone else in love with Aftermath? I've been playing a ton lately and can't stop playing these new maps..
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

    Galaxy is the first company to give me a video card woody since my beloved Voodoo 2! My 670 OWNS!
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    Game crashes or black screen

    I've never seen temps that high for a 670.. In fact, the highest I've seen someone else post was around 80c. Sounds like you either have a defective sensor, defective fans, or that the thermal compound wasn't applied correctly to the video card and heatsink
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    The real problem with gaming and why we're all feeling empty

    The problem isn't gaming - It's us. We are now part of a generation that needs instant gratification. From twitter feeds, to Facebook, to glancing at articles, we have lost the patience we used to have. Every bit of information is instant. When was the last time you read an entire article on...
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    Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames

    Anybody figure this out? Reason I ask is that I'm having a small, random amount of stutter in BF3 Close Quarters and someone mentioned to set it to 1 in the NV control panel...
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    6990 Poor Performance on BF3

    Perhaps you are dealing with dreaded microstutter and crossfire driver issues.. I had dual 6870's that supposedly ran the game over 60 FPS at nearly all times, but it felt like it ran like crap.. It wasn't till I popped in the 670 that I really experienced smooth and flawless gameplay.
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    Rockstar really stepped up their game with Max Payne 3

    Respectfully have to disagree.. The graphics are OK, nothing earth shattering. If you disable MSAA you can run at over 120FPS with current hardware. The controls are clunky and entire game is scripted. The enemy AI is nothing to write home about. I really wanted to love this game. I...
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    Has BF3 changed the perception that gameplay trumps graphics?

    It's BF3 for me and nothing else.. Love the weapons.. Been addicted to the F2000 lately, but I greatly enjoy the SKS, the VAL, PKP... I started playing around with the AN-94 and quickly fell in love with it too, despite initial frustrations with the spray.. For whatever reason, once I...
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    Has BF3 changed the perception that gameplay trumps graphics?

    Hate to bring up the S word, but I'm starting to think Max Payne flat out sucks.. I thought it would be a good break from BF3 but I don't see myself playing much more unless the experience gets better..
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    Has BF3 changed the perception that gameplay trumps graphics?

    Sorry to bump this old post.. I finally got around to playing Max Payne 3 this weekend and after an hour feel very BLAH about it.. The graphics seem dated compared to BF3, the gameplay is slow, and there is no wow factor. I'm shocked because the general consensus for Max Payne 3 has been...