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    GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER Launch Review Roundup

    For RTX, 2070 Super appears to be the best value..... But I guess for $200 more that extra 10fps of the 2080 super might be worth it to some. Sure as hell note though...
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Nope, still dead. $300 paper weight. Not sure what I am going to do now. Used the last of my funds getting all my water cooling parts and finishing this PC... Is there a market for borked cards?
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Will put the card back together after work and see if I can try it on a friend's PC. Thanks everyone!
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    There was resin. Went over board with a magnifying glass and don't see anything suspect... Case is a Phanteks Shift X so have to use the pcie riser card. If that is damaged somehow will that keep the GPU from powering up?
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    That's what I thought. Unless something happened to a surface mount chip during assembly... Board does not power up, no light and no fan. Removed block and replaced stock heatsink and still nothing. Switch bios too.
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    Wanted: Vega 64 experts

    Have a reference Vega 64. Tossed a water block on and ran fine but temps were high. Pulled block, reapplied paste and now does not power on. I was very carefully but shit happens.... Saw a video of some one repairing a card with the same issue and am hoping there is a master here capable of...
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    Western Digital Launches Budget WD Blue SN500 NVMe SSD

    Hmm, cheap Steam drive.....
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    Post Release Reviews of Anthem are Still Mixed

    And it's fucking free. Have had a lot of fun playing Warframe....
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    How Facebook Tracks Your Ovulation and Heart Rate Through Apps

    Wish I could get my wife off that disease....
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    High Inventory Levels of PC DRAM Cause Contract Prices to Drop

    Quick! Stop production to drive prices up!!!!
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    Playing Chicken: Kentucky Fried Intel Core i9-9900KFC Processor Listed

    Sure the FC doesn't stand for F*ck Consumers?
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    Obsidian Reveals Outer Worlds Combat Details

    Looking forward to this.