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    Did.... did AMD just extend the life of my 1080ti by enabling FSR?

    I was curious what would happen with FSR on a 3080, so I tried the rift breaker demo and ran the GPU benchmark. 5120x1440 ultrawide, average 151fps with FSR off, 212 average with it on the highest quality setting. I really didn't see much of a difference appearance wise, but a huge fps jump...
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    10700k to 11900k?

    Isn't this supposed to be a new arch from intel intended for 10nm , that got backported to 14nm? The early leak looked promising for gaming (though it was just an ashes leak), it may be worth the upgrade if there is a good enough ipc uptick, plus gaining the ability to use pci-e 4.0 nvme drives.
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    AMD RDNA™ 2 "Hangar 21" Technology Demo [UPDATED]

    Ikea is releasing an upgraded kitchen designer finally?
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    Recommendations for best card for 5120x1440? 6800XT vs 3080

    My thinking was that if memory bandwidth is the reason why the Radeon doesn't win at 4k, there might be a break even point where the bandwidth becomes the problem - I might get lucky and the 5120x1440 resolution be below that point, making the 6800XT a better choice there. Hard to know without...
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    Recommendations for best card for 5120x1440? 6800XT vs 3080

    I just recently purchased a 5120x1440p 120hz display, and I'm trying to figure out if the RX 6800XT or the 3080 is a better option for a video card at this res. I don't really care about ray tracing because I pretty much detest anything under about 90 fps, so ill have to wait for a future gen...
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    Engadget: Apple finally reveals the new Mac Pro,39571.html Interesting video card options... Dual Vega VII on one card with lots of hbm2 connected via infinity fabric... I wonder If drivers see it as a single GPU?
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    Navi 5700 die size, and implications.

    Going by that logic the last two sets of nvidia releases were also crap. The 2080 costs as much as a 1080ti, and isnt much of a performance upgrade at all.
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    Netflix Password Sharing May Soon Be Impossible Due to New AI Tracking

    Netflix has alternative user profiles for a reason. Somehow I don't think 1 person needs 4 different profiles.....
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    VW Says Combustion Cars Will Fade Away after 2026

    Maybe we should be upgrading our power grid instead of wasting money on other useless things like walls. Infrastructure investment would certainly help make America great again. And they should have picked the i3 with the range extender :D
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    VW Says Combustion Cars Will Fade Away after 2026

    I think I would buy an all electric VW GTI that had a 300 plus mile range and similar or better performance. I think as long as they don't actively *try* make the vehicles look stupid and instead just keep with their current styling aesthetic they would do fine. Electric, optionally self...
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    EA Defies Belgian Lootbox Law

    You know, I always thought the purpose of gambling was to get back some tangible, physical reward that includes a transfer of ownership if you win. EA is still the owner of the digital goods after you "win" with a lootbox. No actual reward with monetary value changes hands, therefore not...
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    4690k --> 4770k

    I thought the same, then I upgraded my 4770k stuck at 4.3 to an 8700k, didn't even bother overclocking, and picked up a consistent 10 to 20 minimum frames in wow at 4k, also running a 1080tj
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    Vega Rumors

    The only thing possible that would make 2018 grim for RTG is a huge crypto crash... hard to feel bad for a company that sells every video card it can make. They can probably make incredible amounts of money off of the 7nm vega 20 refresh if machine learning workloads are similar to crypto...
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    AMD is competitive!

    I'm sure mobile had a pretty decent impact on it, but I would also argue it was the very minor increases in performance that caused a reduction in sales year over year. Previously, it seemed like every year the next great piece of hardware came out that showed huge performance increases...
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    New Ryzen 2 (Pinnacle Ridge) gets only 200 MHz boost according to a leak

    I am still a bit salty about my "upgrade" from a rock solid 2700k at 4.8 to a 4770k that gets pissy if you try to run 4.3 . I must admit, the 4770K works just fine with a 1080ti 4 years later, and I doubt the 2700k would still be this healthy. Upgrade itch, must scratch, It's been entirely too...