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    Need help about possible new build

    So i have a i7 920 I bought in early 2010. So at this point its 6 years old. its oc to 3.4 from 2.6 And has been for the 6 years. I have 12 gig of triple channel memory. Older sata HD, 770 video card. It pretty much does what I want, and plays the games i want no problem, and I play a decent...
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    Proposed Watercooling setup, SOME ADVICE

    solid advice. Totally agree.
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    replacement fan for the Cogage true Spirit?

    Ha. I still use mine. Still running strong on my i7.
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    replacement fan for the Cogage true Spirit?

    HAHAH! Nice bump. Any 120mm should fit the clips fine. to my the yate loons are still good bang for your buck.
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    Dimming the Blue RV02 Case Light?

    you not out of controllers, just put a Y splitter on, and you can have one controller, control 2 fans.
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    What is your current CPU Cooling Device?

    Cogage TRUE Spirit
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    watercooling my 5850: full cover or gpu only?

    Having messed around with my 5850 and after market cooling, i have a few thoughts on the subject. 1st question is, do you plan to OC or are you water cooling for the silence? I will give my answers for both. If you plan to OC: Go for a full block. The VRM's on the 5850's are the...
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    Fan store?

    if your looking for fans, jab-tech prices are hard to beat.
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    Who is using a Blackberry?

    2 at my house as well. Love my curves 8330's.
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    Can't justify upgrading 8 series card

    the difference from my 8800GTS 640 in DX9, to my 5850 in DX11, was nothing short of stunning.
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    after market cooling on your 5850? What did you use? Stock plate left on?

    Your welcome! Yeah, if my temps are lower than yours, and mine is way overclocked, i think im fine.. and yeah, my temps dont get nearly that hot in any game. Its been running great, an amazing cooler!!
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    Best Aftermarket Heastink for 5850

    The TTP fits, all you have to do is cut a few fins down less than an inch each. Literally took me 5 minutes. Works great on my 5850.
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    100Mbps Broadband May Be Closer Than You Think

    yeah free for everyone!!!!
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    100Mbps Broadband May Be Closer Than You Think

    He said he was limited. So I assumed he was in one of those markets. There is software too you can install on your PC's that will track it too.