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    Surprise, my HD5850 threw a stripe-screen-of-death. Was there ever a solution?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death already, but please bear with me. I bought my card in May of this year, several months after the first reports of the GSOD/stripes surfaced. I was actually hoping AMD would address the issue in this time, but I guess not. Did you guys ever come to a...
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    Difference between XFX HD-587X-ZNFC and XFX HD-587A-ZNF9

    Obvious difference is reference design versus the "new" fan design. From reports I've read, only the reference models can have their firmware flashed to allow a higher voltage and thus a MUCH higher overclock.
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    GTX 460 rumored on the way...

    Let's be honest guys - ATI really dealt a low-blow by first raising the MSRP of the 5850/5870, then undercutting to $260 with the 5830. Of course nVidia had to price their 470/480 relative to the 5850/5870 (don't ask me why the prices aren't identical), but they basically positioned their cards...
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    Can't justify upgrading 8 series card

    I know what you mean. I've got a 2y/o 8800GTS 640MB that I just can't justify retiring. I think my biggest obstacle is the price of entry for a new high-end card though. The 5850s are still about $30-40 more than I'd like.
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    Minimum watts fore core i7, nothing else...

    I stand corrected then. :)
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    Minimum watts fore core i7, nothing else...

    Unless something has changed in the last several months, Fortron/FSP used to be one of the reputable brands in the game. Also, Corsair sources their PSUs from Seasonic, which is why I consider them "equal". As far as PC Power & Cooling not making power supplies...
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    Minimum watts fore core i7, nothing else...

    Good power supplies can be had for (relatively) cheap. Check out FSP Group - they make some of the best supplies out there, along with Corsair/Seasonic and PCP&C. $40 for 400W
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    Corsair 750TX and 650TX same price, but I don't need 750W.

    Which do I get? At most I'll probably be pushing ~500W with the following setup: i7-920 @ 2.8-3.2GHz 3x2GB DDR3 Radeon 5850 I've read that PSUs are most efficient when total load is around 80%. That would mean I should get the TX650, right? But of course more is better and 750W would...
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    Has XFX stopped making 5850 cards?

    As would I...clearly I'm not the only one :o Oh...tempting. $300 shipped :eek:
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    Has XFX stopped making 5850 cards?

    Can't find one in stock at any of the major retailers (Egg, ZZF, Amazon, TD, etc.). What's going on?
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    HD5830 - I'm not impressed!

    Shame about halving the ROPs...24 would have been a good middle ground IMO. Also surprised at the TDP.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    No, you (and I, and many others) misread what he posted. He's saying that with the rumored specs (shaders, processors, etc.), all you need to do is bump the core to 816MHz to beat a 5850. Considering it's allegedly at 750 already, it's a measly 66MHz bump to beat the next-highest card.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    Yeah it's all based on a leak from some European retailer's website. Edit - The 5830 is all but confirmed, but the specs are purely conjecture.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    If this can debut for less than $250 I'm gonna buy it without hesitation.
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    Let's talk about the Radeon 5830

    I thought the rumored core speed was 750MHz?