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    PC Deidicated For VR Gaming

    CPU clock speed is probably more important than cores. My 6600k @ 4.6 is a nice pair with the 1080ti for vr. However, if you are planning on wireless or streaming, that changes everything.
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    Game of Thrones "The Long Night" S8E3 - Not Too Dark! (Spoiler Free)

    Probably looks fine in 4k hdr.
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    Real-Time Ray Tracing Support Comes to GeForce GTX GPUs and Game Engines

    my 1080ti ran them with raytracing. like it says no dlss. the justiice demo allows to switch rtx on/off. its a slideshow at 4k, but 1080p is almost liveable
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    Are there 4k HDR options other than the $2k Asus PG27UQ?

    samsung panels are in the 20ms area for hdr game mode, close enough for me
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    144 is the new 60?

    So what other meaningless things would also show this bump in k/d...RGB case lighting, cost of pc, number of games owned, amount of snacks consumed, beverages drank, total farts released, anything indicating an increase in time played right?
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    10 bit/HDR on Windows. Is it Fixed? Nvidia?

    Mad vr is a upscaler renderer addon for most players. Think codec for hdr
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    10 bit/HDR on Windows. Is it Fixed? Nvidia?

    Pc mode on hdr TVs seems to be an rgb compatibility mode, and disables any hdr on my set. It is my understanding that movies max out at 4:2:2. For gaming I use 4:2:2 same with movies using madvr to render hdr. Normal desktop I toggle off HDR in windows.
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    Weird allignment issue between case and motherboard expansion slots (O-11 Dynamic)

    Are there fiber washers for the standoffs? might be enough
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    Radeon VII: Buy first, read reviews later

    I want to be an amd guy. I really do. but ive had my 1080ti for 2 years and this is the first card to compete, but its 2 years later and the same price and performance as my 2 year old card. I really dont understand. I guess I want to be an ATI guy. But that ship sailed.
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    Need educated guesses on when 2180ti will be out?

    Someone gave me good advice once. They said buy a video card after each console release. My lineup went, radeon, radeon 9700, gtx 8800, (missed the 290), 1080ti. Can't say he was wrong.
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    One-Year Update: OLED Burn-in Test

    Kind of a crappy test. Does not look like HDR was tested at all and a max brightness of 200 nits.
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    Radeon 7 Goes on Sale February 7

    looks at my 2 year old 1080ti, nope not yet.
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    MSI Afterburner 4.6.0 Beta Supports Automatic Pascal Overclocking

    It created a custom voltage/clock curve that i was too lazy to do myself. it came out with a +167 core, I had it at +150
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    Underwater Survival Game "Subnautica" Is Currently Free on the Epic Games Store

    grabbed it yesterday myself. seems to boot straight into VR. had a lot of problems setting up the controller but after fudging around kinda got it working. Epic launcher hates my wireless ds4 adapter. but it is a nice vr experience for sure.
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    Bethesda Bans Fallout 76 Players for Life after Shocking In-Game Homophobic Attack

    Love 76. Just hit level 100 today, about the same in hours. Seems like a very considerate player base. Glad to see bethesda stand behind that type of community. I have avoided mp games for years and enjoy the hell out of this one.