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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    TY! Looking forward to checking it out when I get home from work.
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Whoops! In-game name is fancycakes.
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    The Official [H]ard|Gaming Minecraft Server

    Requesting to be added to the whitelist. I should meet criteria 1 and 2 for being eligible. Thanks!
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    Network pics thread

    More parts arriving daily.
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    Network pics thread

    Just a little tease. Lots more gear on the way.
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    House networked with single CAT5E cable

    Only possible if the existing run isn't nailed down, stuck, etc.
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    Best freebie from a course you've taken?

    I also agree that SANS in-person is the better format. Not only do you have awesome instructors, but you have classmates that you can bounce ideas off of, etc. I took 503 online and found myself wishing I would have done another live event. I did 502 at SANS Rocky Mountain in '08 and got much...
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    Best freebie from a course you've taken?

    I got a Dell netbook from SANS last summer. I didn't realize they were having that offer until after I signed up. Nice!
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    House networked with single CAT5E cable

    IMO, walk away from this project. I'm not doubting your abilities, but it sounds like you will be in over your head very quickly. Below are my reasons. - Marble and granite - Have fun with that. - 1 pull to each room and unsure of the presence of conduit. If you knew the current Cat5 wasn't...
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    Wardriving ((( i )))

    This. Although it feels like it may be past it's peak of interest from a few years back. I remember going on work trips, firing up netstumbler and being wowed by the number of APs out there, people's silly SSIDs, etc.
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    Looking for a fanless Gigabit switch... is there such a thing?

    I know you decided on the Netgear, but I just wanted to toss out another switch. TRENDnet TEG-S80DG - Fanless, and has an internal PSU, so no external power supply that takes up room on a power strip, or that you have to find a...
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    is there any easy to use router/firewall software ???

    Untangle will definitely allow for everything you want to long as you have the hardware to run it. I push 100's of people through UT every day without a hiccup on a 20/20Mbps connection.
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    Prevent employees from bringing personal laptops and connecting to the network?

    If this shop is as small as it sounds (no money for a "real" solution, no managed network gear, etc.), and they are not using wireless, why not just unplug the patch cords on the network gear from the network jacks that are being abused? Essentially a hardware disable on all unused network...
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    help : clearos vs endian vs untagle?

    I just implemented the AD connector for UT, and it is still the .vbs script via group policy.