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    Tax Collectors Eye Buying Names Of Web Shoppers

    But the taxes that dont get collected from illegal workers?
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    cod4 on console or pc?

    +1 console are good for racing in my mind
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    Hidden windows folder help ???

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    A8N32 SLI deluxe buzzing/poping in speakers

    I get a very weird buzzing and crackling noise in my speakers and headphones. I have unplugged each the headphones and the speakers still have the noise. I unplugged all the usb devices and still have it. I updated the drivers for the sound same thing. The "noise" changes when the hdd is active...
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    Project: Beast III

    you sir are the beast :)
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    SLI and dual monitors

    Will dual monitors and SLI working together? If not can you use a pci card to get it to work? other ways to get it to work?
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    Project: Beast III

    what is the diameter of a .40 cal casing? the holes he drilled are .4375
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    cornelious0_0 I think I found out why you could get a digi cam for so long. You keep giving your 2 cents out and its making you broke :) nice lian li's everyone
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    How do you know when ur heatsink needs lapping?

    what sean said and AS 5 will void your AMD warranty I get better temps with ceramique
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    Dumpster Diving!

    you missed out if this thread would be left alone it would be over 400 pages long :)
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    Show off your best pics!

    nope I was trying to take a picture of the core this is the pic I ended up with
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    My first little unfinished mode :)

    are you a redneck I heard rednecks like shiney things.....j/k
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    Would 2 resevoirs lower temps??

    I didnt say how big the res would have to be either :)