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    Did you paint your gaming room/office? What color scheme?

    Simple question. I am redoing my small office from scratch. If anyone has painted the walls of their gaming space, please post pics and indicate the color you used. If you happen to know the maker/name of color of the paint used, that would help. I would like to see how your room came...
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    WiFi Router to replace/bridge to Xfinity Advanced Gatewa?

    I ended up getting the new Xfinity Gateway with WiFi 6 and it is killer. Definitely a superior unit to the old grey gateway. This unit is white. Cost me nothing to upgrade.
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    Doom Eternal

    I give them credit for listening to the community. This game is a blast.
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    LG 48CX

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    LG 48CX

    Yes do tell all antan!
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    WiFi Router to replace/bridge to Xfinity Advanced Gatewa?

    Can anyone recommend a router that will boost my coverage over my current Xfinity Advanced Gateway. This is the one that does not have WiFi 6. They are launching one but I read it still is not a great wifi router. I do have a WiFi 6 laptop (Surface Book 3) I need something with great signal...
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    LG 48CX

    How Would you guys use this with a adjustable height standing desk? Just on the desk or some kind of wall mount or poll mount behind the desk? i’m thinking I would need a secondary LED or LCD monitor for document production for work and maybe wall mount this above? Not sure I would be...
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    As has been the case for decades, whether you need/wanr a 3080ti depends on 1. The games 2. The resolution you use and 3. whether it has features you need. Clearly, Raytracing creates a whole new argument for why you need might RTX hardware, but sometimes it takes generations for new tech to be...
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    Question for the veterans of PC gaming: why was the Radeon 9700 Pro such a big deal?

    For me it was a breakthrough because at the time, 1024 x 768, which is what I believe I was on, pushed all the prior hardware too hard for 4x anti-aliasing. The 9700Pro got the job done. But there was more to it. It was heavily tied to a few AAA titles I believe.
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    I like a little Metroid jumping when I am ripping and tearing. I also think it had a nice quake arena vibe.
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    Herman Miller Embody

    Anyone using this and if so is it worth it? I like my Aeron at work but want something luxurious for home office and PC gaming.
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    Half Life: Alyx

    Have the graphics progressed from HL2: Episode 2?
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    Doom Eternal

    This game is awesome. Feels like this is to Doom 2016 what Doom 2 was to Doom. Lovin’ this!
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    Crytek is hinting at a remastered version of Crysis

    Cool, but will it run Crysis?