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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    I'm still using my Titanium HD too, though my system is at least as old as the card. :rolleyes: Though I'm putting together a new Ryzen system, I'll give the on-board audio a chance at first. Most likely I'll go back to what I'm used to until they stop making drivers for it.
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    RTX 2060 Sizes (ATTN 1060 and 1070 mini owners) matter?

    Hmmm, looking for info on these, just because I have a few days left on doing a Step-up from a 1060 to a 2060, but the only 2060 option they offer is the cheapest single fan option. I guess for $70 more, I should still do it anyway.
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    Question about in-game refresh rate options

    So what purpose do refresh rate options serve from in-game menus? For example, I use a 120 Hz display. In many games when they give you a resolution option, they give you refresh rate options too. Such as my GOTW, the Overwatch beta. I can choose 1920x1080 @ 119, 109, 99, and I forget how...
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    Speaker settings for X-fi & headphones

    ok, yeah, that's what I was wondering about, if the windows config should be 5.1. Thanks.
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    Speaker settings for X-fi & headphones

    Once in a while I run into someone giving this info, but then I lose track of what thread it was. I've got a Titanium HD and some Senn 598s that I use for music and gaming. I just usually turn off CMSS for music and turn it on for games. What should my speakers in the Windows control panel...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    54% No on the Mustang vote, I voted No. I would rather see more finalized info before making any jumps.
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    I feel cheated by COD Ghosts.

    I just prefer playing against bots in squad mode anyway, less cheaters.
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Anyone emailed RSI before? I submitted a question about the upgrade via their webform, and I got an acknowledgment email and another email asking me to create a password. Was just curious if that was normal, I'm paranoid enough about getting emails asking me to create new accounts. You'd...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    So what's the current status on selling ships/accounts? I may be getting hard up for money, sigh, and might need to sell my Digital Pirate LTI package, though hopefully they'd let me pay the difference to bump my Aurora LX LTI add-on to a full package for me to keep. How do you go about doing...
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    JVC RX700 give me neck pain after a while

    Yeah, I'd call them a little heavy, though it seems like after wearing them for a few minutes, they're not as heavy as you feared, but I wouldn't want to wear for more than 2 hours. That's why my Senn 598s are my primary. As it is, if I'm playing a MMO, I'll try going with my display speakers...
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    Are audiophiles SOL when it comes to voice chat in games?

    I'm waiting for modmic to get things going, which fingers crossed, sounds like it may finally be happening with the 4.0 coming out in the next few months.
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    Good PC Headphones

    I'd agree with a 598 because it's so comfortable, but that's out of your price range. I do like Sony V6s, those were the first real phones I ever owned, in part because it was the most popular phones at the radio station I worked at. That said, when I finally left the V6 for my first open...
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    GOG pulls Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics from their catalog

    Had to check where I had bought mine, I got mine via Steam, never downloaded. So downloading now. Tactics is downloading ok, but the other 2 stop and says "update required"? I'll play with this once the tactics is done. Ah, never mind, it's fine. What I was seeing was I was queuing up the...
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    Ballistix DDR2 reliability

    I had to RMA a stick of those Tracers once, I was running 4 of them. Then my memory went bad again. Didn't bother with it again, just haven't used Crucial since. I've stuck to Corsair and now Samsung, thanks to ASUS' early FW that wouldn't let the Corsair RAM I initially bought pass testing.
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    Is passing MemTest86 good enough?

    Agreed, that's my rule of thumb, though really only if I'm testing in the day. Mainly I just let it run over night, though once you get to 16GB, you have to run it that long just to get at least 3 passes.