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    SBS 2003: Migrate user profile from another domain (with the old server dead)

    Log into the old domain profile, run the transfer files and settings wizard to copy the profile to another location on the drive (like C:\profiletrans). Then log into the new domain profile, and once again run the transfer files and settings wizard to transfer the profile from its new...
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    Inspiron 9300 - Will a Socket M Core2Duo work?

    nope. c2d requires a different chipset.
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    Comcast HDTV on Vista

    You would probably have to buy a new vista pc that includes one of ati's new hd tuners. Unfortunately, you cant buy them separately. Due to all of the DRM restrictions vista has on cable hd, you're honestly better off getting a cable company hd-dvr.
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    IPhone Sales Will Disappoint?

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    Mobile-ITX showcased

    wonderful. more via vaporware that will never make it into consumer hands.
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    new amp time. what's good.

    I have absolutely no gripes about this receiver, it sounds amazing, and is every worth every penny.
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    new amp time. what's good.

    recently bought an onkyo tx-sr604, very happy with it.
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    What's in your 360/PS3/Wii right now?

    360 - Gears Wii - Bust a move PS2 - Guitar hero
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    Need some help deciding on these two Acer's

    both of those configurations are going to run poorly on vista home basic. i would spend the extra cash and get better hardware.
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    Guitar Hero 2 DLC on market place

    if you like the game, just buy the songs and stop bitching.
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    Dells, CableCards, and TimeWarner...oh my!

    this is exactly why i went with the hd dvr offered by my cable company. With all of the DRM restrictions and installation hassles, there is NO real benefit to getting a cablecard enabled pc.
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    When will DIY CableCard be available?

    not going to happen anytime soon. i ended up deciding not to get a cc enabled pc from velocity micro for one reason: you cannot play back hd recordings on any pc other than the one it was recorded on. because of that, i decided to get the hd cable box from my cable company.
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    Ubuntu Keyboard Shortcuts

    i think that combo is supposed to restart the X server. Strange that X doesnt restart itself...
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    My Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000 review

    i bought this kb/m at frys this weekend, and i can attest to its greatness.
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    Lumines made in Flash 9

    sucks. controls are awful.