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    Albatron FX5200 problem..AGP voltage..not enough?

    Plug your PS line into a fan, make sure the current is flowing, then make sure the card's molex connector hasn't been knocked ascrew, loose, or anything like that and plug the line back into the card (always ensure the card is all the way in the AGP slot). Which driver are you using?
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    Albatron FX5200 problem..AGP voltage..not enough?

    You see, you have to tell us things like the word Ultra, when it is used in identifying your card. Leave something like that out and we give you the wrong advice : )
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    Albatron FX5200 problem..AGP voltage..not enough?

    I think you are talking about the extra three pin connector on your card, yes? Because your card is a 5200 card, it should not have a four pin molex connector anywhere on it. In fact, your card being an albatron card, shouldn't even have a fan on it. Do NOT plug your card into your PS...
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    What NVidia would be comparable to an ATI 9800 Pro?

    today, the only comparable card is the 6600GT, and if you are buying new today, buy the GT instead. If you already have a 9800Pro, keep that, the 6600GT is equal to it but not really better. Cheapest AGP one I see right now is this one...
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    Leadtek to NV5, worth it?

    If you have the WinFast version, then I have to agree with the other post, it's not worth it. Actually, if someone told me that your leadtek cooler worked better that the nv5 I wouldn't even be surprised. That thing is massive copper. If it's not working good enough you could buy a faster fan...
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    9600xt underclocked

    He got ripped twice, the card should be 500mhz AND only cost him about $130 now, not $200 for 325mhz.
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    ATI 9200 or Nvidia 5500 video card?

    I believe that the 5500 is clocked at 270 with a fan on the CPU, and the 9200 is clocked at 250 with no fan... The 9200 is 8.1 and the 5500 claims to be 9.0 (but we all know that that isn't true for games). However, changing from one card to the other consists of changing brand names with...
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    6800GT IDLES at 62 degrees @12v with Zalman VF700 AlCu...WTF?

    The stock reference design for the 6800GT is an aluminum block, you lose about 5-10c just by switching to an all copper block and and keeping the reference fan casing (see eVGA's reference design copper block market item for an example). I'm betting that the MSI's larger fan, all copper...
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    6800GT IDLES at 62 degrees @12v with Zalman VF700 AlCu...WTF?

    Was it the early edition reference design cooler that came on your MSI card or was it the all copper modified version (you know, big circle and a fan)
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    BFG 6600 GT OC SLI & Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe

    That's your monitor, not your video card nor driver giving you that error. Set your resolution to a smaller level and then reduce the refresh rate to something more managable, like 85 or less, and then install the newer driver. Afterwards you can put the refresh rate and the resolution back...
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    Best video card under...

    If you insist on ATI, how much is a x700 pro XT or otherwise in canadian money? I don't think I would buy a x600 but the x700 is fine and fast and cheaper than the 9800's and better... But if you were smart, I think you should look at the @220 or less 6600Gt's as well.
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    i need a nvidia 800xt 6800actf ddr 996.6

    The 6800 plain jane is a good bet at $250ish, but so is the 6600Gt and x700 series (pro or xt) for about $200, great cards for the money...
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    MoH/Pacific Demo GPU exercise

    I just now played it again, and I'd already played it twice before I posted originally, but I had to play it again because I had to make sure that I wasn't completely nuts, the way some of you guys were saying that the graphics were only so-so. But I'm sticking with my first assesment, the...
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    MoH/Pacific Demo GPU exercise

    You have got to be kidding?!? What are you talking about? I've played FarCry extensively with many different settings, and it looks great, fantastic even, but I noticed immediatly that when this game booted up the first time that this was a step beyond... Did you play this demo or are you...
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    MoH/Pacific Demo GPU exercise

    My system - 3200XP Athlon speed, eVGA 6800GT at default speeds and the 66:00 driver: Game set at 1280x1024@85mhz FRAPS says a good steady 43 when I turn everything in the game on and high, and the driver set at 'application' for AA and AF and High Quality. Nice demo, nice videocard...