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    Android Ransomware Infects LG Smart TV

    There should be. Have you seen the shit on TV lately?
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    Microsoft Admits It “Went Too Far” With Aggressive Windows 10 Updates

    for the less tech savvy like my mom, it chewed up her 5gb data plan in two days and left her with kilobytes for 27 days. And in the next month, it tried to download itself again. she called me when she couldn't figure out why she was getting messages from Verizon on high data usage. She didn't...
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    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    After the movie, I sent my brother a text asking "I wonder if they have Verizon's Intergalactic unlimited plan for sending death star plans?"
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    First UPS U.S. Delivery eBike Debuts In Portland, Oregon

    What self-respecting UPS delivery driver would want to be seen riding that contraption?
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    McDonald's Drive Thru 'Hacked'

    I may have an exception to this: Last week I recorded my daughter during a gymnastics competition. It made more sense to record her vault routine using a vertical image instead of a horizontal one. To get her head to toe at both ends of the floor and not have extra people/equipment in the shot...
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    McDonald's Drive Thru 'Hacked'

    Old school headsets used MURS frequencies, and very few had privacy codes. I could pick up the Wendy's and Mcdonald's in the area using my scanner. The McDonald's between my college and work was on green dot (154.60MHZ), which was the same as my work radio. When my friends and I were bored, we'd...
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    Drunkn Bar Fight VR Game Giveaway

    “I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.” -- Homer Simpson
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    Microsoft Wants To Crush Google Home And Amazon Echo With Home Hub

    I tried Homeseer, MainLobby and another software to do home automation. I got away from it because I don't want a PC running 24/7 to have to control this crap. Home Hub is going to be the same. I don't want to run a full PC to listen for my commands. At least the Echo and Google device are low...
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    Researchers Create Batteries From Nuclear Waste and Diamonds

    I have enough problems with my Rover, I don't think I want to add radioactivity to the list...
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    Forza Horizon 3 PC Demo

    There's a Land Rover in the advertisement. I'll have to try it out.
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    Best Geek Halloween Costume 2016 Edition

    She's got lightning and thunder. Isn't she a Cumulo-Nimbus princess?
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    AI Traffic Signals Will Make Driving Less Boring

    So what happens when the traffic light has a nervous breakdown and starts turning both directions green at the same time? Can it read lips? Do we have a new HAL 9000?
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    FCC Sees Large Spike In Verizon Wireless Complaints

    I just checked my last two bills. Still only $95. Under .7gb per month on a 2gb plan. I do have warnings and a cutoff below that point in my phone, as long as the app using the data reports through the phone.
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    Don't Connect Your Smartphone To A Rental Car

    I like renting cars with GPS and viewing the history. then I add a few questionable places and searches before returning the car to the airport. :D
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    Google Launching Ride-Sharing Pilot To Compete With Uber, Lyft

    Technically, wouldn't the busses they use to ship employees back and forth to work be considered 'ride sharing'? If so, they've been doing it for years.