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    ASUS Celebrates 500M Motherboard Sales With Global Giveaway

    Very true. I remember frying a few of them as well :D
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    Meh, still rockin Win 7.
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    Clean Your Damn Computer!

    Seen worse... Smokers who never dust anything can do some damage to everything
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    NewEgg: Zotac GeForce GTX 780 Ti for $669.99

    "Only $669.99"...............
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    Replacement for Winamp?

    This is what I have been using. My MP3 library is pretty big and it handles it just fine. Not perfect but works very well. This was my Musicmatch replacement a while back because it converts and tags stuff nicely.
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    HDD Prices Finally Back to Pre-Flood Levels

    Yep, hard drives start to drop but RAM starts to go up.........
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    Your CPU progression

    Main boxes in order. Started when I was 12... Worked in a PC shop during high school which is why there are so many Pentium II's, III's, and Athlons... Didn't even bother listing the laptops. Intel 80386 DX 25MHz Intel 80486 DX2 50MHz 1996-1997 I bought this myself after saving up for...
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    Looking for suggestions on my HTPC build

    I built a new HTPC to replace my old 775 system that I did have. I am looking to do more than just stream movies from my main box and replace the PS3. I still use it for Netflix, Hulu, and also stream movies from my media server. I have a nice HT setup with an Onkyo receiver, 5.1 surround...
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    New FCC Chairman Tells Wireless Carriers to Unlock Cell Phones

    I'm down for this. If I buy a $600 device, I should be able to do whatever I want with it. Maybe cell phone bills will start to come out of the sky too....
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    omg what happened to the memory prices ?

    Heh. I guess I bought memory at the right time then. I guess my other computers are sticking with 8 and 4GB kits... I'm glad hard drives finally came down because I was running out of space quick.
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    Apple Sued Over iPhone iOS7 Upgrade

    Heh... I upgraded my iPhone 4S to IOS7 and ended up selling it a few weeks later. It turned a perfectly good phone into a slow pile of crap. I left my iPad 3 with IOS6 and have no desire to upgrade (ruin) it.
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    Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Ready by Late October

    <Looks at my HTC One X+ and thinks...not getting KLP 5 until Android 6 is out...>
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    Tech Time Warp of the Week: America Online, 1995

    By 1999, I probably had close to one million free hours because of all the CD they kept sending me...
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    Intel Starts The Countdown To Haswell

    Same reason here. I'll probably run my system for another 2 years before I upgrade....