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    a redonkulas heat sink

    I am enamored with the banchetto 103 tech bench. I want to put an Asus gryphon z87 uATX motherboard on it with a i7 - 4770 k processor. I want to put a big honking hunk of shiny copper on it. What is the biggest baddest most ridiculous while still being functional heat sink you would want to...
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    3 GB Dual Channel

    I have a MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum SLI Motherboard and I originally had 2 X 512 OCZ Platinum DDR400 Enhanced Latency sims running in Dual Channel. I recently bought another dual channel kit 2 X 1GB OCZ Platinum Enhanced Latency sims. I would like to run them all and have 3 GB but not sure how to do...
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    Best uATX board for an E6600

    Wanting to put together a small form factor case. I've never worked with micro ATX boards before. The boards I've been reading about have less than adequate raid solutions and are restricted to 1.8v ddr2 800 ram. Its a minor point but they also have onboard video which seems a waste to me as I...
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    MSI 6800 Ultra

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    Sweet All-Mesh Case in Black

    Looks alot like my Cooler master stacker case, mostly see thru at night with the led fans on. I use air cooling and my temps usually hang around 30 - 31 C its a little noisier than a closed case but not unbearably so
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    MSI 6800 Ultra

    last year i bought this card " MSI NX6800V-T2D256E ". I always intended to eventually buy another to run sli mode. Now I can't find it at the vendors and MSI doesn't it list it in their products. Has it been discontinued and if so why? They still list 6600 series boards.
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    official MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI thread

    I read the Thermalright site for compatibility issues with the XP-120 and the MSI NF4 SLI and it said that the 1st dimm slot was blocked, are there any other issues that anyone here has seen?
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    Best Performing Nforce4 Board?

    Winchester cores don't care for a lot of extra voltage, TCCD ram is as easy to get as VX and overclocks well within MSI's limits. The board uses quality mosfets, runs cooler than the DFI, especially if you are pumping out more than 3.2 volts to VX memory. MSI has the best onboard audio solution...
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    Performance SLI vs Non-SLI boards

    After much soul searching i decided to go with MSI, its cheaper, over clocks nearly as well with TCCD ram, runs cooler and the topper is the creative 24 bit soundblaster onboard. Best onboard audio available. Spend 41 extra dollars on the motherboard and get the equivalent of a 80 - 100 dollar...
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    Dual Socket 462 Question

    Sorry wrong thread
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    Memory for MSI K8N SLI, help...

    Love the OCZ Ram, but it likes 3.3+ volts and the MSI won't give you much more than 2.9 volts, i'm researching a lower voltage alternative myself
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    Best 6800 Utra

    Looking at buying a 6800 ultra for an air cooled system and was wondering which of all the dozens of brands has the best stock cooler, really looking for one that may take up 2 slots but exhausts the air out of the case. Having a hard time googling a review that covers the coolers.
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    Liquid Metal CPU cooling.

    I agree with Mysogonist, from what I have heard heat will be less of a problem with the multi-core processors and as far as software ppl having to customize their work for dozens of different hardware vendors, it won't happen, all hardware vendors will have to make their particular sound or...
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    What is the best 939 mobo out there

    I got my eye on OCZ DDR PC4000 Gold VX 2-2-2-8 at 1T up over 250 mhz, of course I'm looking at the DFI mobo this ram likes voltage
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    Should i wait for dual-core cpus?

    well.... thats one question answered.... too bad.... the extra memory boost would have been nice