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    SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 512mb -- $67.34

    It's $55.96 at Mwave
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    How to cut out parts of a video?

    VirtualDub and a guide to get you started:
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    CDex Jitters - How do i fix them?

    It might be the CD itself, the CD/DVD drive, or other programs hogging up resources and memory. Try another CD and see if it does the same. Also, try ripping without other programs running in the background to free up memory.
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    7v fan mod bad for other components???

    Of course it's bad. You don't want to undervolt important things such as the CPU. The 7v mod is only for fans and lights.
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    whats the difference between these two power supplies?

    Well, you can always change the fan ... on another note, my friend's TrueControl 550 just died after 3 months of use. He's currently making the switch to PC Power & Cooling.
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    Freeware CD Burning?
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    xp 34 minute problem

    If you're o/cing, then bring it back down to defaults. It might be that it's too hot ... I think I've had this problem also b/c of the SATA drivers. I was trying to reinstall XP, but it kept freezing in the middle. What I did was just do a fresh install. I don't know if this helps, but...
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    Is there a shortcut to "View Source" in IE?

    Yea, I know those ... but is there a keyboard shortcut?
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    Is there a shortcut to "View Source" in IE?

    Is there a shortcut to "View Source" in IE?
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    free program to crop/resize video?

    Try TMPGEnc ...