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    Steam, Origin DDoSed?

    Kids are back in school after Christmas break, problem solved.
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    Mysterious OS/2 boot partition on XP.

    They probably just stole a flag that wasn't used by a windows recognized partition type. There's a very slim chance it actually involves some stripped down OS/2 install.
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    Cast varchar as int SQL statement

    Fix the front-end so that it actually puts numbers in the DB. Scrub the data once. Keep the DB interaction simple.
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    Is Linux/Open Source getting stronger or weaker?

    Not quite. Anti-trust regulation stopped AT&T from making money distributing or "supporting" Unix for a number of years. At this time, licensees were shipped source (only paid licensees). The community played a big part in keeping things moving - very much like the Open Source community of...
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    Is Linux/Open Source getting stronger or weaker?

    Since when was there a concentration on the West Coast? Sure, that's where the Silicon Valley/Bay Area but OSS has always had a pretty broad geographical distribution. Linus Torvalds was in Finland when he started the project. MIT has been a major source of hacker culture & innovation.
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    UNIX / LINUX command

    Grep's great for textual searches - where you can define patterns without any sense of meaning. If you want to actually parse timestamps, you might want to move into a more complex tool such as AWK (I can't remember off the top of my head if it can parse dates or not), or a full-featured...
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    command that search for certain files and then give the file size of the search files

    du prints out the size of files. Using the -m flag (if supported) gives file size in MB. The -c flag gives you the total size of all file. find finds files. you could "find . -name '*.jpg' -or -name '*.jpeg' " to find all your jpg/jpeg files (in the current directory or below). This thing...
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    Dual Logins

    Is it plugged in?
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    OS recommendations? Really old laptop...

    It might finish compiling during your lifespan. The problem with trying to run anything modern on this machine is that modern software has certain expectations of what a computer can provide. You say you want to run a GUI? Xorg's going to take half your RAM off the bat to even run, and...
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    Computer Science Masters

    CS is not programming - there's a lot more to it than that. There's going to be a metric fuckton of material that you were never exposed to that's going to be a prerequisite to going into graduate studies. You sound interested in learning about a few applied aspects of CS - some sort of...
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    Linux Distro for Learning Bash, BSD Sockets, Posix Pthreads, Vim

    Any modern *nix will provide what you want here. Don't worry about stripping down to a bare-bones or server distro - your standard, off-the-shelf, desktop Ubuntu will have everything you need. You'll have a graphical desktop if/when you want it & can SSH in the rest of the time. It just works...
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    Question about my Resume for co op

    When you're writing a resume for a co-op position, keep in mind that everyone else is coming from the same basic position - a few years of school, no experience, etc. Highlight the things that set you apart - previous work experience, undergrad research, open-source project contributions or...
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    Seeing cache files in Content.IE5 but I don't use IE

    It is IE - just that 3rd party tools are embedding it to take care of HTML. It could be any number of things that are actually using it - a custom help viewer, dynamic splash screen/message of the day, etc.
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    CS major going into final year.....

    /thread Your 4.0 degree does *nothing* to separate you from the army of inexperienced/hardly experienced employees looking for any entry level position. It does, however, make you stand out at the top of the pile for internships - internships, in turn, help you stand out when looking for...
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    Any disadvantage to consolidating forums?

    Doing a single-sign-on system across domains is a PITA. Not worth the trouble, unless the functionality already exists in the forum software you're using. As far as integrating them goes - you might be able to migrate everything over easily (I doubt it) but keeping all your links working (IE -...