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    Protecting Your Privacy in Facebook Graph Search

    First thing that came to mind...
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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    She just wants it to be around $600 when all said and done. She has more money to spend just chooses to limit herself to $600 for this build.
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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    Yea she told me to factor in rebates and sales. I just do as what I am told.
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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    I checked some reviews and it seems the i3 2100 is the best option in this case. If anyone can suggest a better PSU, Memory, Monitor, or HDD for the price that would be great. CPU: Core i3 2100 - MicoCenter - $97.43 Motherboard: ASRock H61M/U3S3 - Newegg - $60 Memory: G.SKILL Value Series 8GB...
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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    It is just some old case I have laying around. It will fit all motherboards so no issue there. If not reusing it will be a NZXT Source 210
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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    Texas. Dallas area. Would like to order in 1-2 days max. Must have onboard sound. All others are not important as long as there are some USB ports.
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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    As stated OS isn't counted into the budget.
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    Need help with a $600 build for a friend.

    So I have been asked by a friend to help her build the best possible computer for $600 that would allow her to do all her normal things like Facebook, watch movies, check emails and so forth. She also mentioned she wanted to play some games such as Diablo III, Skyrim and others that I may...
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    AT&T To Cap DSL Internet Data Usage At 150GB

    I last posted here 5/1/2011 and still my usage meter does not work. I log in and here is what I get: "Note: Your usage is not yet available for display. You should not be concerned about your usage for billing purposes. AT&T will keep you informed about your data usage via email. To learn...
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I love AMD because it is the CPU to have on mobile computing with their Llano chips.
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    Section 8: Prejudice

    All of my copies are gone.
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    DIY Swiftech MCP355 / Laing DDC3.2 Pump Repair Guide - Walkthrough

    There is a new revision of the upgrade board. It is now white and has built in LED's. Looks pretty good with a clear top. I think this would look very nice with a clear res top so that the light has more area of diffusion. Lights on: Lights off:
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    Spotify Invites

    I have played around with it. On the computer it isn't bad for free with the advertisement, but on a mobile device it is 100% worthless unless you are paying for premium.
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    480 SLI or 580 SLI?

    I vote GTX480 SLI on water highly overclocked. That does very well.