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    Herman Miller 29% Off Logitech Embody, 20% off other chairs, Free Shipping

    I tried both the regular Embody and the Logitech edition at a DWR store. One knock on the LE is the fabric is a bit noisier if you slide around on it not that you should be doing that but that's what the store employee shared with me. After owning the Embody for a year now, I prefer the seat...
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    When did the CPU lane thing start?

    Same with the word "Drive" or "Disk" in SSDs or SD cards when there are no motors to drive nor a disk which may infer something that is circular and flat.
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    SOHO Rack Mount Firewall Recommendation

    Budget? I'd say Palo Alto Networks. Having used both Fortinet and PAN, I wouldn't go anywhere near a FTNT device unless the price difference was substantial which tends to happen between the two in a bake off. Meraki is another option, it's kind of like the Apple of networking with the hardware...
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    "Home" Router with "Enterprise" Features?

    Ubiquiti was awesome a few years back but their code seemed to went a bit flakey for certain points during the last 2-3 years but it seems to be solid again as the developers went back to fixing their shit as oppossed to just keep adding features as if it was like a land grab. I run a UDM Pro...
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    good VLAN switch for business?

    Any managed switch can do this, don't need to overthink this. Just get whatever is reliable and what you are comfortable with. Even if the router doesn't support VLANs, you can create a third VLAN on the switch for a point-to-point connection to the firewall/router. As long as the switch...
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    Help troubleshoot 10gb nic slowness

    Have you isolated it to the NIC? What do you get with the 1GbE port? Typically throughput has little impact with latency. I've ran 10 GbE SFP+ card with TwinAx and saw no difference with internet latency since upstream devices (router, modem, ISP) will always be the bottleneck. I do notice...
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    Recommend Good/Affordable Cat 6A Termination tools?

    You shouldn't have to crimp very much if at all. Cables should be punched down to a patch panel/keystone jacks. Only possible exceptions are access points and cameras. Just be sure whatever termination used, it's designed for either solid or stranded cables and the CAT spec matches. Structured...
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    Networking with Ubiquiti

    The PoE standards are just volts and amps, don't let their IEEE "standards" confuse you. The U6LR needs 48VDC and at least 0.5A. UBNT sells an injector that does just that: Their...
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    I’ve got to terminate a lot of ethernet cables.

    Just be sure to get solid core cables for in wall runs. I believe most if not all keystones are designed for solid core cables. Save the stranded stuff for patch cables that are moved around a lot. Just be sure they are all designed for each other such as solid CAT6 keystones with solid CAT6...
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    RTX 30 Laptops

    Wow that Asus checks all the right boxes. If I had to nitpick, why not have a full SD card slot? I would totally get if I didn’t have an Acer Predator Triton 500 2080-MQ from two years ago that’s still going strong but definitely could use something higher than 1080p if the GPU can handle it. I...
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    New construction home, looking for ideas for my little MDF. Should I fix how these cables that are coming out of the wall?

    Gotcha, so get a recessed flanged box. I believe I can do that on my own if I'm careful drywall knife. My other option was to make a hole with a grommet but I like the box idea better.
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    New construction home, looking for ideas for my little MDF. Should I fix how these cables that are coming out of the wall?

    So my new construction home is nearly complete, I have asked the electrician to instead of doing the standard terminate all low voltage wiring into a structured media cabinet in a coat closet somewhere, have it all go into a nook in the garage where I will punched them down into a patch panel...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    So.. we queued for the same card on the same day, but I got mine almost two months later because I did it 13.5 hours after you. Crazy.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Ordered this on 12/3/20, kind of amazed people have been on the queue since September and still haven't gotten it and I've had my card for 1.5 months now.
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    (Rumor) RTX 3080 ti releasing between February 11th.and 17th

    I'm okay with that, waited 3 months into the 3080 queue before I could buy one. At least this time around I'll still have a decent card to use, not that the 1080 Ti wasn't cutting it though.