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    RTX 30 Laptops

    Wow that Asus checks all the right boxes. If I had to nitpick, why not have a full SD card slot? I would totally get if I didn’t have an Acer Predator Triton 500 2080-MQ from two years ago that’s still going strong but definitely could use something higher than 1080p if the GPU can handle it. I...
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    New construction home, looking for ideas for my little MDF. Should I fix how these cables that are coming out of the wall?

    Gotcha, so get a recessed flanged box. I believe I can do that on my own if I'm careful drywall knife. My other option was to make a hole with a grommet but I like the box idea better.
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    New construction home, looking for ideas for my little MDF. Should I fix how these cables that are coming out of the wall?

    So my new construction home is nearly complete, I have asked the electrician to instead of doing the standard terminate all low voltage wiring into a structured media cabinet in a coat closet somewhere, have it all go into a nook in the garage where I will punched them down into a patch panel...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    So.. we queued for the same card on the same day, but I got mine almost two months later because I did it 13.5 hours after you. Crazy.
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Ordered this on 12/3/20, kind of amazed people have been on the queue since September and still haven't gotten it and I've had my card for 1.5 months now.
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    (Rumor) RTX 3080 ti releasing between February 11th.and 17th

    I'm okay with that, waited 3 months into the 3080 queue before I could buy one. At least this time around I'll still have a decent card to use, not that the 1080 Ti wasn't cutting it though.
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    (Rumor) RTX 3080 ti releasing between February 11th.and 17th

    Got my 3080 FTW3 Ultra Gaming at the beginning of the December, hopefully the Ti comes out soon enough so I can start a EVGA Step-up.
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    HDMI 2.1 cables

    Electrically, that's not a HDMI 2.1 source and you can only get the maximum bandwidth of DP 1.4 which is about 32 Gbps. A far cry from the C9's 48 Gbps inputs. Not taking anything from those cables, they do look like a mighty fine cable.
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    HDMI 2.1 cables

    If I may ask, what HDMI 2.1 source are you using those with?
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    What happened to all the video cards with amazing artwork on them?

    The demographics for PC gamers have changed a lot since then as well. By average, gamers have become younger, not as male dominant (but still is), and a lot more competitive so marketing have now focused on these younger groups. Strangely, millennials are considered well over the hill in the...
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    Dell - 32" LED Curved QHD FreeSync 165Hz $379.99

    If you want to display HDR the way it was meant to be displayed especially if you are video editing in HDR: But prepare to fork over $4k for it. Its not displaying true HDR if the screen can't achieve at least 1000 nits of brightness. 400 nits is...
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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    My first graphics card was a S3 Trio? Next card was a Diamond Viper V330, it was a meh card (Riva 128) but I felt some big things were coming from this little fledging local company called Nvidia but unfortunately i was too young to buy stock. Ended up pairing it with a Voodoo 2 12MB which was a...
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Receiving a UDM-Pro and FlexHD AP tomorrow to replace a been solid so far ER-X and Netgear R7000 setup as an AP. Not really a practical upgrade but I already have rack mountable switches along with some 10G gear with my FreeNAS and ESXi towers that I think it's time to throw everything into a...
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    ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti $999.99

    That's how it is and always will be, the most expensive tier hardly if ever provides the best value. Performance is not proportional with cost. You can argue Nvidia's pricing all you want, but they have teams of people who analyze the market and decide how much to sell a given product to earn...
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    Netgear R7000 going bad?

    I had issues with my R7000 before (random restarts, sketchy WiFi). Downgraded the firmware and it's rock solid again.