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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    Interesting....i'll look into that. Not sure exactly what is wrong with this TV yet. Seems overly blue and very washed out to me. Spent the last 4 hours dicking with it, played some rdr2 @ 4k on a 2070. Looks horrific when game mode is activated. Only HDMI 1 can activate the UHD color mode.
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    Ooof. This tv has a horrific blue tint to it. Read somewhere on the net that this may be due to it living most of its life with the backlight turned waaay up. Reset to factory defaults, updated from 12x firmware to 15x with no change. RGB mode, full, 4k 60hz resolution. Both PC and game mode...
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    2015 Samsung 4k TV as a Monitor Set Up Guide

    Came across a UN40JU6500 for free. This guide was super helpful in getting me a baseline setup (especially the end part to verify 4.4.4) Thank you!!
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    ASUS, EVGA, PNY, Et Al. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Leaks

    Curious to see the price of a 1080ti vs a 2080 when it launches. Will the 1080ti drop to 500$ before it goes out of stock?
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    ASRock - BIOS updates for older chipsets vs. Spectre/Meltdown

    Excellent find. Thank you.
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    Any still running an overclocked i7 5820k? (haswell-E)

    Still running my 5820k @ 4.5 with 1.29v and ram at 2666. Still very pleased with it, using it as a gaming rig.
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    Gears of War 4

    Bummer. Got it at launch as well, played it all the way thru co-op with a friend with no issues. Surprised at the excellent SLI support for a change! Hope you get it working, was a decent amount of fun.
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    After Shut Down (yes I have made sure) System cold boots it's self sometimes

    Had a similar issue a few years ago...had something to do with my PSU (corsair ax1200i) ...for the life of me I cannot remember what I did to fix it unfortunately. I wanna say it was some sorta bug with c-states. Did you happen to flash your bios or update some mobo drivers around the time it...
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    Prey (2017)

    Nother semi related performance update. Just left friends house who has a pair of 980ti in SLI (1350 core) and stock 6700k. 1440p, game stays mostly pegged at 144 fps (gsync). DSR'd to 4k and sits in the 70-80fps range. All settings max. Cards seeing 85%ish useage with newest driver.
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    Prey (2017)

    with lots of mobs and action, I am seeing fps as low as 45 dsring to 4k. brief, but noticeable. still playing as such as visuals worth more than fps so far. Still average fps at 60
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    70 hours in and started getting back to back to back dx crashes. Tried stock card clocks to no avail. Tried repairing the files via origin. Same result. Anyone with similar issues? Sure would like to beat this.
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    GTX 1080 ti on PCI-e 2.0 System???

    I bet it will be close :) Easy enough for op to monitor and upgrade if needed. Definately interested in the results. If you have the disposable cash to go ahead and upgrade, do it.
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    GTX 1080 ti on PCI-e 2.0 System???

    My 2 780ti's in surround (3420x 1920) caused my pcie 2.0 bus to hit 100% Was using a 2600k @ 4.6 Caused stutter and hitching. Prompted me to upgrade.
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    Prey (2017)

    Same problem here...