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    ASUS P6T @ [H]

    BIOS 0602 is out as of Friday.
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    ASUS P6T @ [H]

    Anybody try the new 0502 BIOS yet?
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    Found my next power supply! Only $650 and 2kW

    Read the second "product" review on that page...
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    Asus P5E-VM HDMI: best matx ever?

    Long time since I've signed onto here... I cannot for the life of me get a wireless card working in the single PCI slot on this motherboard. The wireless card(s) work on another computer. It is a D-Link DWL-AG530 with an Atheros chipset. It would always hard-lock when installing the driver...
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    My PSU died and I need a new one.

    Wouldn't that mean he'd get another one back? That would suck.
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    request - coolest, quietest, cleanest power

    Maybe add the PCP&C Silencer 610 to that list.
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    Goodbye Antec, Hello Corsair

    The PSU calculators aren't very accurate... but the 620W Corsair will be a nice upgrade, calculator or not.
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    Power supply for a core 2 duo

    Your mileage may vary.
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    Which one?

    A single 8800GTX should be fine on the HX520.
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    Actual PSU Amperage.

    Right underneath the chart: combined +12V 35A/420W Silverstone is pretty good with specs.
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    Power supply for a core 2 duo

    Unless you get a really shitty one and it blows up. You want a sick video card, yet don't want to spend a lot on the power supply that will be running it?
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    Ultra Xfinity 600w DR

    It is a pretty solid choice.
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    PowerTek 750W any good?

    People think it's good because of the high price tag. Newegg is probably making a killing on those. They still call it coritinuous wattage.
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    Can A Hiper 580W PSU Take These Specs

    Says the PCP&C !!!!!!. Why settle for less?