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    I love the Asus Chromebox, and actually just replaced my 'HTPC' in the living room with one (moving the HTPC to the office as an actual desktop PC). It runs OpenELEC/Plex, Plex server runs on the 'HTPC' in the office, and I've got an unRAID media server that stores all my data. The Chromebox w/...
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    Best ROM for S4

    I'm a huge fan of SlimROM. I've been using it since my S2, and still use it on my S4: Slim, sleek, does what I want and nothing else.
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    Any relevant uses for a G4 anymore?

    You could always turn it into a file server/back up server. Though many apps have phased out 10.4 support and are quickly phasing out 10.5 support.
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    500K Google Reader Users Convert to Feedly

    God I'm going to miss Google Reader. I've tried switching over to Twitter creating an account and subscribing to my feeds there, which seems to work alright, but just doesn't have the same feel as ol' Google Reader.
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    The SGS2, SGS3 and SGS4. Which one was the biggest upgrade?

    My thoughts exactly. I've also got the E4GT and am due for an upgrade in September or October.
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    I haven't tried full uncompressed BluRay rips, but I can tell you that I don't have any trouble with my 1080P MKV rips. They're compressed, but still come in at around 10-20GB if that makes any difference. Stability-wise, if you keep up with the latest nighties, you run into the chance of...
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    It did at one point, that bug has since been squashed however. Cold boot to XBMC menu is generally under 10 seconds.
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    If you're looking for a standalone box that'll run XBMC and pull content from your server, save yourself $130 and get the PIVOS XIOS: Install the Linux firmware on it and it'll boot into XBMC in seconds and run smooth as butter. I use a HTPC in the living...
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    Best HTPC for parents who never had a computer...?

    Are you referring to the PIVOS XIOS? I'd recommend this if you're looking to run XBMC on a standalone box. I haven't actually tried the Android firmware it comes with + the XBMC apk as it was still pretty buggy several months back, but they've been...
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    Apple Warns Against Jailbreaking

    You may not steal the apps, but damn near everyone I know that has jailbroken their iOS device pirates apps, and will proudly justify it. Much, much more-so than those that root their Android devices.
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    windows 8 media center

    I bought Win8 + MCE solely because of the discount + free MCE offer. I figure it's better to get it now than pay full price in a year or two. I've installed it on my living room box and have it boot directly to XBMC. I haven't installed a single piece of software other than XBMC + LogMeIn and...
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    Just bought an HD Homerun Network Tuner - Is WMC still the only choice for software?

    As far as I know you can use other backends (MythTV, MediaPortal, etc.) with software like XBMC, but you still need to use WMC to watch/record encrypted channels if using a CableCard. Is this still the case?
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    Intel HD3000 for HTPC

    I'm using the HD3000 for my HTPC in the living room running XBMC without any issue.
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    Sprint 4G LTE going Live in 100 cities over next few months

    Wow, even Ocala, FL is getting it. Between that and Orlando, I'll be set.