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    Just a reminder

    Well I'm posting this because I'm a noob and hadn't cleaned out my system in awhile (probably 5-6 weeks) and was having massive heat spikes on my gtx 295 well finally just cleaned it all out and repositioned my pc closer to the window shaved 30c off the temps :D bring the oc's back on woo woo...
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    Thanks guys for the great guides..I joined the team!

    I know for Nvidia cards at least you have to run separate instances of folding for each gpu, also you probably will have to tag the first one with -gpu 0 and the second one with -gpu 1 after the -forcegpu. Ati Crossfire people I'm sure will correct me if i'm wrong! :D Welcome to the Team btw!!!
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    A Few New Processors

    Mmmmmm those are all sorts of purty!! :D
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    Race to 1 Million!!!

    Just brought a dual quad xeon online I need to get it tuned up and figure out the -bigadv workout units to get some serious points out of it. Also looks like I will be able to bring my 9800 gx2 box back online as it's finally getting cool enough to run without AC -_- so I hope to be able to get...
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    Race to 1 Million!!!

    Inevitably I have had some fairly warm days out this last week which really sucks for folding as I refuse to run the AC in November so I have had to turn off a couple of clients off and on this last week:(
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    EVGA: 1.1 year overtake

    I've brought 20k ppd back online over the last week I have about another 40k ppd sitting in my room that will turn back on when I can afford the power and then a dual quad xeon box that I have coming up soon :) hopefully that should help a bit to fend off evga! :D
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    Race to 1 Million!!!

    I am in.
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    Decided to get back in

    mmmm it's finally starting to cool off here in so cal so I think it's time to retake about 10 positions ;) and clear up that overtake chart!
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    lassiterb #1 producer for [H]

    Wow big grats lassiterb! thats impressive ppd! I hope to get back into the swing of things here in the next month or two:) I would like to try for 100k ppd or so
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    New build pics! 9800gx2s

    thats just the main computer room lol there are like 5 laptops and another desktop as well. I have thought about selling or giving away my cards but I know I would kick myself in sep/october if I did that.
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    New build pics! 9800gx2s

    in my computer room was about 2500 watts + ac lol -_-
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    New build pics! 9800gx2s

    Only thing electric we had was the fridge :eek: stopped folding turned of the AC(small ac unit used to cool computer room due to excessive heat) and bill dropped over 300 bucks the next month... -_- I was gone half of this month so I even had my main rig completely down + all the monitors for...
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    New build pics! 9800gx2s

    Wow very nice Looks exactly like my build except mine isn't naked or running right now. (I got a powerbill for $650) Sadly all my stuff is down until winter because keeping it cool in 100 degree heat isn't viable for me right now:( but here's to you kicking ass!!!
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    PpD comparison Q's

    lol sorry i wasn't so much going for a very scientific formula or anything but i was wanting to make sure people realized that especially with the summer months arriving that heat is deff an issue.