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    Stupid Question

    Thank you! I usually don't keep up with the latest gear. The kid dropped a stack of $20's on my desk and asked me to build him a new system.
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    Stupid Question

    I know it's a stupid question, but what is the current generation of AMD graphics cards? I'm looking for a mid to upper mid range card.
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    Any luck installing a 3000 Ryzen on an X370?

    If you take your 2700X back - you might be in a pickle if your old stock X370 doesn't have a BIOS on it that works with the 3000 series Ryzen..
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    amd 3000 cooler?

    I second this^^ If AMD was about to release a new cooler, they would be advertising it just like they did the present series a year ago or so.
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    AIO Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling.

    From my experience, some of the worst H2O tend to work better than the best air coolers for keeping the processor cool. Leaks - haven't had one in 20 years with either hand built or AIO. The only time I had worried about water on components was way back when, when I was using a peltier on...
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    The lies of IGP.

    It is patently true when all you need is basic video display with a good buffer. As I mentioned before, most people do not play games - only watching videos online, email, porn, general internet browsing, and the occasional .pdf/.doc/.xls document. A generations old video card will do the...
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    The lies of IGP.

    I'm running a 5820K with GTX 960 right now, my house/plex server is a E5-2667v2 with a Radeon 6850. The old lady has a I5-2320 with a GTX950, and I'm building her a Ryzen 2600 here shortly.
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    The lies of IGP.

    Having come from the time when onboard graphics sucked for everything except looking at your desktop or a text document - I wouldn't have fallen for it today for gaming. Sure, integrated graphics has come a long ways since then, but if you're playing a real game, you'll need a real card...
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    Athlon II X4 and Phenom II X4 still good enough

    It depends on what it is being used for. For casual PC activities like internet, email, spreadsheet, video, etc - yeah. The Phenom II will work just fine. I would recommend using an SSD over a spinner though. Most of what you "feel" as slow on older computers is the slowness of the hard...
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    On an i7 970. Is $200 for an i7 990x worth the price?

    Just my thoughts.... Not worth it, unless you have a specific need due to some software/license being tied to an existing system. You can get later generation Xeon's with more cores/threads or even later gen I5 or I7 that out-perform it for less $$. Although, you may then need to buy another...
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    Have HDDs gotten any faster in the last decade?

    You don't need to replace your spinners entirely. Get a smaller SSD and put your operating system and bandwidth demanding programs on it, leave your spinners for storage.
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    My First Personal AMD Box in a While

    If it works, then who cares. This RGB crap is asinine these days. Hell, it is bad enough that it is difficult these days to get a case without a stupid window.
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    10TB WD Easystore - what's inside? ($180 @BB, plus 32GB USB flash)

    The WD 4TB EasyStore I cracked open had a WD Red NAS drive in it. I've read that lessor models(1-2TB) and some 8TB also had Red NAS
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    High Capacity SSD as primary drive

    If you can afford a massive SSD for primary - go for it. Overall you'll be better off. However, lots of stuff really doesn't need SSD speeds, like listening to ripped music, or watching ripped movies, or viewing stored pictures/documents/etc. A spinner HD will work just fine for most of...
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    When did golden age of computing end?

    Just my opinion, it happened about the time when overclocking was fully within the BIOS. dipswitchs, jumpers, hard modding, etc, etc.