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    Looking for new laptop suggestions

    I needed small and light weight myself. I just ordered one from here. I went minumum on the hdd and ram because I am upgrading myself to 8 gigs ram and a 512gb m4 ssd "Portege R830-ST8300 Intel® Core™ i7-2620M processor...
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    Old box into a NAS / HTPC / Picture Editor

    I’m finally going mobile and ordered an new i7 laptop. My first mods will be 8 gigs of ram and a M4 512 gig SSD. My current box is a Q6600 setup that I want to move out to my TV. What I am hoping for is to convert it into a home theater / network attached storage / picture editing via...
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    Security Competition!

    The very first thing I would do is unplug the internet connection from this box and image it's drive. I would consider this box one of their main targets. I would also get to know the routes to your patches. Check those routes before downloading anything. Good luck and have fun
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    Help with an older computer upgrade choices

    I have an older computer I am upgrading for my 16 year old niece. She will probably only use it for surfing and school homework. She says she would like to play around with photoshop also. I installed XP pro, Office XP and an older adobe suite with Photoshop 7 for her. I already maxed out the...
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    Working with Staffing Agencies

    My wife is a "Head Hunter". She is paid from the company she has a contract with. The industry standard is 25%-30% of the first years salary. Most are this way. Though, to be honest, most are jobs that are hard to find candidates for. Companies do not usually hire "Head Hunters" for jobs that...
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    System Build Guidance for an Old Skooler

    Penryn is about to be released also. I know this does you no good if you need it now. But If you can wait, it may be worth it.
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    System Build Guidance for an Old Skooler

    x38's are due out 10-10 I believe.
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    Please post your Q6600 temps @stock if u r using TR Ultra120 extreme

    I have a b3 q6600 @ 3.2 w/ 1.4v idle load
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    WANTED: Motherboard - Need help Filling in the Blanks…

    The Blitz Formula is supossed to be a great board. Hard to find, but great.
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    So let's cut the BS. What is the best mobo for OCing a Q6600?

    There is a Blitz Formula for sale on ebay right now :D
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    Where do I pencil mod my p5k-deluxe?
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    X38 must read...

    ...but if its upgrade time, this seems to fit nicely.
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    Decisions, decisions

    ^^^^ There are still a few available if you search hard enough. :cool:
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    O.K.... Who's With Me??

    There are a few still floating around if you search hard enough. You will have to pay a premium for them. I am almost sorry I'm selling mine. It would have been nice to see how far I could have taken it. :cool:
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    Question about CPU-Z

    So this might just be on my set up? Thats not what I was hoping for. I was hoping it was a software glitch in the new cpu-z. How can I test this out short of buying more ram. Its ddr3 so I'll probably not find any to borrow. Is there another software that will show the Command Rate so...