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    Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Returns

    Been dealing with this since August with a damaged *in the box* motherboard, would not have been able to be seen from the outside without opening, declined as opened/used. lol what?
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    Beware of Exploding Gigabyte PSU's being Dumped by Newegg in Forced Bundles

    NewEgg just burned me by declining to return/refund a damaged out of the box motherboard because I had slotted RAM into it before noticing the dent on the back plate. I got 'lucky' and got stuck with a mobo I didn't want in the shuffle with my 3070 and ended up using it instead of the mobo I had...
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    Destiny 2

    So stoked.
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    Destiny 2

    In a few hours from about 6-10pm I got from 965 to 1000 just doing the new public events and the new questline steps in Means to an End. So, now I'm basically caught up to all my friends or very near it. I'll probably have to grind a bit in the back end but it seems to have really allowed me to...
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    Looking for height adjustable desk

    I ended up with the Uplift and have been happy with it, there was a pretty good coupon at the time.
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    iPhone 11

    FYI; ran across this today. tl,dr: all 2019 iphone's are 4gb ram only difference between s4 and s5 is the 32gb nand (vs 16) and the gyro new 10.2" ipad has 3gb ram
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    Destiny 2

    Right? Totally missed out on this... hugely annoyed with the 'core-economy' right now, I'm 700 and always have near 0... so I never get to infuse/use the guns I want to try out at max level..
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    Senate Report: Equifax Accused of Failing to Prioritize Cybersecurity

    Reasons I'll continue to have a job #12309182039807980895234
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    Rumor: AMD Ryzen 3000 "Matisse" Launching July 7

    Very excited to see how these fare. They're probably a better fit for me than Intel's lineup right now with the higher core counts/price points in comparison.
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    The Official MSI Radeon VII 16G Product Page Is Now Live

    It seems that part of the page is in relation to MSI's partnership with BlueStacks for playing Android/Mobile games on Windows... so ostensibly that's some mobile game? But I don't recognize it myself, and yeah, what a weird way to set up the shot...
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    iOS 12 Public Beta

    omg all the re-springs. messages is infuriating lol.
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    Solus Linux

    This is amazing, I'm totally doing that. Is your name a call back to the cloak?
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    iOS 12 Public Beta

    I'd say it's pretty good right now, before this most recent release, there were tons of issues with syncing back to the watch, which was super annoying.
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    2018 Macbook Pro Refresh FINALLY!

    I'm pretty excited about the refresh, I'm probably picking up the 2.6/16/512/560x, going to swap out my servers for a simpler NAS solution and just... simplify stuff. Think I'll try and old out until Mojave ships on them natively.
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    Amazon Web Services to Enter Networking Equipment Market

    I'd love to skip the VAR.