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  1. amittalkin
  2. wgusler
    wgusler MajorMullet
    did you sell the 1080 card?
  3. penmaker
    penmaker Ozarkboy
    I seen you mentioned that you have many t440p's for sale. I'm looking for a upgrade lol. I was on this forum long time ago and had to sign back up, not sure if this message goes to your PM or not. but I would like to discuss those lenovos with you. Thanks!
  4. ssmith0386
  5. cmanser
    cmanser DPOSCORP
    Saw you have 64gb of memory for sale. If you are still selling can you give me details and price? Thanks
  6. BitchBreaker
    BitchBreaker qb4ever
    How goes it old friend?
  7. lexbergeron
    lexbergeron newls1
    Hello :D i would like to know if u can give me more information about overclocking :P im new and i would like to oc to 4.3ghz all core for game server hosting thank you.
    u add me on discord: SuperDuke69#6641
    thank you.
  8. Arrionso
  9. OldNESJunkie
  10. owcraftsman
    Keep America Great!
  11. Red Falcon
    Red Falcon DeathPrincess
    The RocketFish is still alive and kicking!
    If you ever make it back, Merry Christmas. :D
  12. Kusinaga
    Kusinaga TrevorR
    Hi TrevorR, any chance you still have the EK-FC780 GTX Classey Blocks?
  13. DarrenA
    DarrenA FLECOM
    I was looking at your past posts and seen you have at one time had the same raid array I have. Do you happen to still have the Software for it? The one I am needing seems to be RAIDwatch 2.2.a for the ESA16F-R1A2 16 drive enclosure. Any help would be awesome. Thank you much.
  14. xx0xx
    I may have the dumbest username on [H] LOL
  15. tempertantrum
  16. tempertantrum
  17. Shyatic
  18. 0v32102d
    0v32102d dbwillis
    Hey I’m interested in those slim adapters. Do you have any left?
  19. DWD1961
    DWD1961 FaRKle0079
    Hey, you still here? I was just reading our OCing thread from about 9 years ago. lol. I had my old rig inmothballs until a week ago. Trying to get her running again. Got that X58 missing RAM problem again, dammit. Last two banks not "useable." Fucker shows it's installed, but won't allow the RAM to be used.
  20. Dystar
    Dystar AthlonXP
    I'm interested in your "FS: MacBook Pro Core i5 2.7GHz 13" Early 2015" -- how's the battery count?
  21. bmg
    bmg Ragenrok
    What was your loadout for solo comp before you got Recluse?
  22. Feklar
    Foxtrot Uniform
  23. Legendary Gamer
    Legendary Gamer OliverQueen
    You don't happen to be the guy that writes REUP are you?
    1. OliverQueen
      Nov 23, 2019
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  24. d3athf1sh
    d3athf1sh blackmomba
    thanks for the support. i will prob be banned before the end of the day. peace.
    1. blackmomba
      Good luck and Godspeed.
      Nov 17, 2019
  25. Vegetatarian
    Vegetatarian Vega
    Hi, I'd like to buy the valve index kit. Do you still have it?
  26. Kusinaga
    Kusinaga cauQazn
    Super long shot still have those blocks available I have one need two more for triple SLI
  27. DSee
    DSee Gilthanis
    Question, so I have 1x IMac i9 9900K, 2x MBP i7/i9.
    The iMac has a 575X GPu as well, do you think I could fold on it?
    1. Gilthanis
      You could fold on the CPU for sure but I don't know if you would find the scoring worth running it. FAH is dominated by GPU's now. Doesn't make much sense to run on CPU unless you have free electricity.
      Nov 9, 2019
  28. atiUser
    atiUser XFXSupport
    My XFX R9 390x has died. Black screens after light load (PC carries on running)
    Just wondering if it has life time warrenty?
    Its 5 years old, not registered with you guys but I do have a recipe from Scan UK, and I've reseated the heat sink a couple of months ago in an effort to fix it.
    Here is a link to the issues I've had:
    Thanks :)
  29. crazycuz20
    crazycuz20 fluidityG
    Hey, I have a 2500K CPU, MB, RAM, great overclocker if you're interested. Was running it 24/7 FreeNAS unit until I upgraded last year. I kept it stock but it is a good OC, if I remember it could get to 4 ghz on air. Asus P8H77-I mb and 2X8 crucial DDR3-1600 ram. Will sell it for $60 + shipping. I have heat under crazycuz2k and ebay under crazcyuz. PM me if you're interested
  30. fluidityG
    fluidityG Archaea
    Hey there, I can't reply to your thread or send a PM, so this was in response to your Marketing thread in General.

    Unfortunately I can't find the specific ad I saw, but it was for a mobile powerbank. It was a catchy name and well done video, and it had a great half off coupon too. I didn't end up getting it but the name left an impression (I remember it now months later).
  31. WackyWRZ
    WackyWRZ eclypse
    Interested in the 1080 Classifed.
  32. ghostventura
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  33. ghostventura
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  36. ghostventura
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  37. ghostventura
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  38. ghostventura
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  39. ghostventura
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  40. ghostventura
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