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  1. banedox
    banedox danyune
    Hey! Thought I would give you a shout that I sent a PM about your for sale thread and parts. Thanks!
  2. slomjom
  3. needfw900
    needfw900 LAGRUNAUER
    Fw900 vs f520 vs c520k?
  4. Archer1212
  5. somecallmeTim
    ... quite possibly mad.
  6. maestro1315
    maestro1315 PlaneCrazy
    I'll take the kingston SSD, need your paypal.
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    2. maestro1315
      Please send the tracking # when you can. Thanks
      Nov 15, 2017 at 8:57 PM
    3. PlaneCrazy
      I definitely will - didn't get to PO today but will go out tomorrow afternoon. Hang tight!
      Nov 15, 2017 at 9:04 PM
    4. PlaneCrazy
      Dropping it off at USPS. Tracking # 9405 8096 9993 89484360 12
      Nov 16, 2017 at 4:11 PM
  7. boogerlad
    boogerlad C_Payne
    hey, can you share the schematics with me to boogerlad at gmail dot com? Unless you think you have an extra and can ship to canada, I think I could fab one out at work. I'm unable to PM you unfortunately :(
  8. archet
    archet Brock
    checking in about the SE, I want it - get back to me.
  9. Saporaku
    Saporaku stealthrt
    I live near Anitoch. I work on Tuesday around there. I have a new profile, but the offer is there!
  10. Morketh
    Morketh Flyingcrazy
    You run out of keys?
  11. Morketh
    Morketh Flyingcrazy
    Do you still have a Destiny 2 key available for $30? I would like one.
  12. 86 5.0L
    86 5.0L CaptainObvious
    Do you have an email address?
    1. CaptainObvious
      Nov 11, 2017 at 1:38 PM
  13. archet
    archet Brock
    let me hear back from you!
  14. alpharalpha
    alpharalpha Delicieuxz
    Hey, thanks for posting on my thread looking for 32" va panel monitors, but after reading it, I remembered I'm looking for 1080p as this is going to be primarily used to watch dvd movies so you might want to edit or delete your reply as they were all 1440p and I went and changed my post to asking for 1080p. Thanks.
  15. McCHillin
    hmmmm, 980 ti KINGPIN and CLASSIFIED in SLI
  16. archet
    archet Brock
    Hi Brock,
    I am interested in the SE! get back to me
  17. Fernando93
    Fernando93 snipes23
    Do you still have the Asetek 545LC for sale?
  18. AORUS
    AORUS Nightsword
    What size is that alien? I love the design you made but did you know that another team made an alien in the case with the TT Tower 900
  19. archet
    archet Brock
    interested in the SE, since it's been up for a while, would you consider $200? will a new sim also be needed for Verizon activation?
    PM me and thanks.
  20. McCHillin
    looking for a 1080...
  21. crazycuz20
    crazycuz20 Volkswagen
    Hey still have your dominators for sale? Interested in both kits
  22. HardBytes
    1. Echandler
      Just grabbed it, thanks so much!
      Nov 5, 2017
  23. WATERCOOL-Jakob
    I'm here to help! Feel free to contact me!
  24. Jonathan Yarbrough
    Jonathan Yarbrough
    Looking for a laptop
  25. Jonathan Yarbrough
    Jonathan Yarbrough funpak
    I apologize for leaving a comment here, I do not know how to pm. I'm interested in the Dell Inspiron N4110 that you are selling. Do you have a heat?
    1. funpak
      PM me for details
      Nov 1, 2017
  26. Echandler
    Echandler HardBytes
    Hi, do you still have a PDF copy of the OC guide for P8P67?
  27. crazycuz20
    crazycuz20 K10
    I have the same exact case... I don't want to sell it... I just like knowing I have it :)
  28. viper1152012
    I have a status?
  29. Thenewguy91
    Thenewguy91 Flyingcrazy
    Pm me if card is still available
  30. Wons
    Wons WozniakMac
    nvm they are two sticks. Can you do 190$ shipped to Can?
  31. Wons
    Wons WozniakMac
    Are you selling just 1 stick of 8gb g skill ram for 215?
  32. primetime
    Searching and planning for the next hardware upgrade Because I love this shit!
  33. orangemanbrz
    orangemanbrz kookoo102
    still selling the g403?
  34. klinkman
    klinkman CurtisG
    Get your post count up so you can PM buddy.
  35. Frank Nguyen
    Frank Nguyen Kyle_Bennett
    Hey Kyle, mind telling me how will I be able to post in the For Sale/ Trade Thread?
    1. Kyle_Bennett
      Read the FSFT rules.
      Oct 28, 2017
  36. 89ycha
    89ycha Flyingcrazy
    Can I buy 1080 ti? please PM me? ready to purchase anytime.
  37. CurtisG
    CurtisG klinkman
    Literally just can't message you until I guess I reach a certain amount of posts...just want to buy your 580...
  38. crazycuz20
    crazycuz20 Heligrin
    Is your Asus 1080 Strix still available?
  39. crazycuz20
    crazycuz20 Archaea
    Ping me when you get the Powercolor Vega 56 back from RMA
    1. Archaea
      sure thing
      Oct 27, 2017
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  40. Pierced_Prince
    Pierced_Prince aintz
    It wont let me respond to your for sale ad for some reason. I would like to know how much the Necro for D3 would be, now that it is currently on sale for $9.99