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  1. Killanofilla
    Killanofilla jlbenedict
    Hey Jlb, I really want a coupon code for the Division 2. can you help me out please?
    1. jlbenedict
      I only had one set of redemption codes from a bundle and they are now sold.
      Apr 21, 2019 at 4:40 PM
  2. dey2day
    dey2day Thunderdolt
    I'd take the radiator/fans...what you want for shipping?
  3. James Cobb
    James Cobb
    If it is not broken - don't mess with it If you need me, you can email me.
  4. ickywu
    ickywu zerocool2g2000
    msg me a at ickywu@yikez.ciom
  5. CRT-Guru
    CRT-Guru CommandoSnake
    Hey, I responded to your thread about the HDMI-VGA adapter on the FW900. I was also trying to get it working on another Sony CRT.
  6. Uniquewon
    Have been a reader of Hardocp for years and years. Sorry to see it 's not going to continue.
  7. Junkboy
    Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone.
  8. polynut
    polynut HardBytes
    Hi HardByte, here my email and thank again.
  9. lostin3d
    lostin3d Brent_Justice
  10. Showbiz
    Showbiz OEM
    Holy Shit! You're back!
  11. Pedro Moreira
    Pedro Moreira MATRIXSHARK
    Hi, Matrix if you could send me PM i need to ask something. Thx
  12. Alanpanda
    Alanpanda Vanilla Heat
    Hi there,

    I am interesting in the 1080 8g, is there a way to contact you for more information? Thank you!
  13. DYN0M1T3
    DYN0M1T3 wingding
    When you get a chance, please PM me. I'm not able to start a conversation to send you a PM. Thank you
  14. DYN0M1T3
    DYN0M1T3 wingding
    I'm interested in buying your MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio video card. I know you prefer Google Pay. Would you accept PayPal?
  15. oldmanbal
    oldmanbal BillBrasky
    Bill brasky was a son of a bitch!
  16. DougalDC
    in mourning :(
  17. Biosfear
    Biosfear T4rd
    you still have the division code?
    1. T4rd
  18. Biosfear
    Biosfear Wag
    you still got athem?
  19. Mac29
    Waiting for Ryzen 3....
  20. mullet
    mullet cageymaru
    Hey Dude, I just wanted you to know my name mullet is actually a fish I catch alot not the famous hair cut that dorks wear.
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  21. shatterstar
  22. shatterstar
  23. Endless Code
    Endless Code
    Doing Stuff...
  24. Gabe
    Gabe Burticus
    you are listening to
  25. Gabe
    Gabe ItsTooHot
    Bust it down
  26. Gabe
    Gabe TheOne&OnlyZeke
    Flof Radio Returns
  27. Gabe
    Gabe AthlonXP
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    2. Gabe
      I'm building the 9900K from sand
      Apr 7, 2019
  28. FrankOnTheFlank
  29. zooted
    zooted Ferris23
    I'm interested in the 3770.
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    2. zooted
      Payment sent!
      Mar 19, 2019
    3. Ferris23
      Got it thanks. I'll be in touch with tracking
      Mar 19, 2019
    4. Ferris23
      9400111899560608694530 Will be active later tomorrow. Thanks
      Mar 19, 2019
  30. Petrasescu_Lucian
    Petrasescu_Lucian SwedishMeatball
    We can chat better via email
    Mine is:
  31. DanHirschberg
    You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.
  32. Nimisys
    Nimisys Iching
    Check your soapbox post in captain marvel thread, got a curse word in there ;)
  33. HadoukenMD
    HadoukenMD goldy
    you still selling the louqe?
  34. NAXDON
  35. z04l0rd
    z04l0rd odditory
    in case the other guy backs out on that inland drive I'd pick it up from you pay for shipping. Thanks!
  36. cowboy3030
    cowboy3030 Jabroni31169
    Pm me. I have a reason price for i7-4790k
  37. cowboy3030
    cowboy3030 VanFanel89
    PM me i have Unlocked iPhone X 64 GB compatible with ATT/Tmo for sale
  38. cowboy3030
    cowboy3030 Pivo504
    PM me i have IPad for sale
  39. Penguincomp
    Putting the "D" back into PHD
  40. SuperGreg1
    SuperGreg1 __hollywood|meow
    Looking to get that Division 2 Key! Have NVidia hardware, but have an AMD Rewards Account already! Gimme a ping!