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  1. Chief Blur Buster
    Chief Blur Buster
    Peer-reviewed researcher. Patreon of [H]. Busting myths about "Better Than 60Hz(tm)" technology!
  2. davigotardo
    davigotardo XFXSupport
    I have the following problem in two vgas:
    The fans do not spin, I already tried to remove and clean and it does not work, regardless of the temperature of the vga, it happened in two vgas that I have here.
    I already opened 2 tickets and they did not work, I need to run the rma.
    Ticket: T1708020015 and T1708020014
  3. nrmbaseball
    nrmbaseball morgwon
    Hi, im interested in your verzion s7 edge phone. Kinda embarrassing but how do I PM you?
  4. hush18
    hush18 BrownThunder
    I don't use the forum much, is your 850 evo 1TB still available?
  5. VeganPrince
    VeganPrince geok1ng
    But finally I saw that, compared to a beautiful IPS panel, it looks terribly bad and has purple artifacts. Now I'm even thinking to abandon the gaming monitors even when I want to build a gaming pc (probly with ryzen 5 1600 + amd vega 56: initial objective: cheaper freesync monitors, same quality), and go for a simple and good IPS monitor, like, for example, the Aoc Q2781PQ QHD or the PDS271 FHD. Hugs and apologies!
  6. VeganPrince
    VeganPrince geok1ng
    So, sorry for the missunderstanding and that stuff, you probably meant that I had to choose between 2 bad things 4 me. Although, being ignored is not that bad compared to eating cow excretations (milk/cheese)! Btw how is the summer vacation going? I'm still with my AOC 21" lol. I thought about all of your suggestions, and I was about to buy the C27FG73 (the c27fg70 has a worse stand that eats a lot of the desk space)
  7. VeganPrince
    VeganPrince geok1ng
    Sorry that I didn't understand the "pick up your poison" words/phrase game. English is not my native language and when I saw that you asked me to choose between cheese and being ignored, I directly understood it as a senseless attack to my vegan "living phylosophy" or "morality", which is usually attacked by the people and because of this i'm pretty sensitive about that.
  8. dalchi_frusche
    Modding and enjoying life!
  9. Dr. Tran
    Dr. Tran filmbot
    Hey I just saw your thread and wanted to purchase somethings but can't send a pm.
  10. McCHillin
    ooooh yeah, 165 Mbs....
  11. Hakaba
    It's hot and humid as hell.
  12. McCHillin
    YAY, 148 Mb down 27 Mb up.....
  13. sportinmorton
    sportinmorton crispyb
    No problem. Any Win10 keys?
    1. crispyb
      Aug 11, 2017
  14. sportinmorton
    sportinmorton goldy
    Would you happen to have a Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit) product key for sale?
  15. Tyorik
    Tyorik Brock
    Would you do $230 for the iPad combo? Shoot me a PM
  16. DaemonKaizen
    DaemonKaizen XFXSupport
    Does XFX honor their 5 year warranty here in ASIA, Philippines.
    While gaming the display turned off then I smelt something burnt. It's coming from the 2x PCI-E leads (XFX PRO750w Core Ed)
    The Product registration page refuses to accept the serial #
    I can send you a link for the photo of my PSU and it's Box with the Serial code on it. Along with the Receipt that I bought the unit from a local retailer on July 5, 2013
    1. XFXSupport
      Hello, We're sorry you are having trouble. Unfortunately, i dont manage the ASIA region, but its worth a try. What is the serial # and part #? ill take a look. email us at
      Aug 15, 2017 at 6:25 PM
  17. ShInIsTa
    ShInIsTa blaight
    Hey blaight. Are you still looking to buy a Sentry?
  18. Gavian
  19. McCHillin
    Getting 150 Mb connection soon :-)
  20. WizKidWord
    Used to have an account here when i was a teenager but looking for a fresh start. So happy to see this community is still thriving!
  21. shamgar
    shamgar WinSomeLoseNone
    hey man are you still selling your MSI GTX 970?
  22. aznattic
    aznattic Mohonri
    How's it going man? I saw a thread for creating a fake RPM signal and saw you were familiar with the process. I was wondering if you could make one for me for my switch as it need's 3 of the high RPM fan's attached in order to function properly. I can pay you for the parts and your time, whatever you feel is reasonable.
  23. QuintonM
  24. QuintonM
    QuintonM Archaea
    hello there, really liked and helped by your hp pavillion slimline post which i still use today. i have amd and intel machines. just to give back i have fully tested the Intel q9400s on the HP Irvine Motherboard (latest HP bios) and it rocks (s3614uk). Combined with a Geforce 710 GPU and an SSD running Windows 10 Creator dreamy. Love these little guys just cant bin them.
    1. Archaea likes this.
  25. vxtr
    vxtr Micas99

    I read your post about the high demand for MUMPS programmers. I am a MUMPS/Cache programmer In the UK with 20 years experience and there are very few MUMPS jobs over here.

    I am currently employed but the company I work for are trying to migrate away from MUMPS. I am considering looking for work in the US, do you have any information that might help me?

    Thanks for any help
  26. angrysnarf
    angrysnarf Archaea
    How much for that 4770k?
    1. Archaea
      Would prefer to sell as a package. CPU + RAM + Mobo. If I can't get it sold as a package I'll look you up.
      Aug 6, 2017
  27. Slava
  28. tkoons000
    tkoons000 SniperXx
    I have a new in box gigabyte z170 gaming 7 if you are interested
  29. fredstban
    New to forum, why isn't there an option to reply to certain threads? do I have to a certain rank? thanks.
  30. Doomed83
    Doomed83 Kusanhagi
    Not sure if this will find you, but I hope so. Back in December of 2016 there was a post on the Qconforums site by someone with your username wanting to sell a t-shit can from the second QuakeCon. If that was you and you still have the can/shirt I would love to buy it from you. Thanks!
  31. theBrownLlama
    lost my old account since prev registered email is now a paid service. =(
  32. AceGoober
    AceGoober topcat989
    Dude, change the title of the weblink in your last post. Not cool on this forum. Don't want to see you get banned.
  33. tkoons000
  34. aleware
    I can't post ...
  35. JammieR
    Every thing is planned..
  36. tkoons000
    tkoons000 troisanh
    I have a new 7700k cpu. New never used no box $300
  37. tkoons000
    tkoons000 Champ
    I have a new never used (no box) 7700k and bnib gigabyte z170 gaming 7 if you are interested make offer
    1. Champ
      Jul 31, 2017
  38. Ghostasm
    Ghostasm DriveEuro
    Hey man. I'm interested in some of those 570s. Send me a private message please. Have references from recent acquisitions and Heatware incoming.
  39. MisterAnchors
    sil180sr if you see this I'm interested in that 2DS... but I can't post or PM yet :)
  40. Vapor1000
    Vapor1000 arizona_cards_11
    Get some activity going on the forums so that i can at least private message you about the 4790k.
    I'm not going to conduct a FS/FT transaction through profile posts.