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  1. libertyl
    libertyl {NG}Fidel
    take 100 shipped for both power and cooler
  2. Zaroff
    Zaroff cauQazn
    hey, random question, is it possible, probably a long shot tho, do you still have those two ek waterblocks for video cards still available?
  3. Rogue
    Fire Ants love Candy Asses
  4. {NG}Fidel
    {NG}Fidel XFXSupport
    Thanks again for the 580 fix
  5. Ski
    Ski Formula.350
    Good eyes. They're both fake.
    1. Formula.350
      Well then! Glad my gut didn't fail me :) Thanks lol
      Jan 18, 2019 at 6:02 PM
  6. BoiseTech
    I have no idea what this text box does.
  7. BillBrasky
    BillBrasky newls1
    Hey just wanted to inform you that I have been trying to reach out to TT trying to get any information I can about the x9 side panels. Ive been on the phone with some warehouse employees and they told me they store site 404s out most likely due to the store getting updated and the panels being out of stock. They told me that they would check the warehouse to see if any got misplaced;
    1. BillBrasky
      guess that was a no as a never got the call back. With that being said, I threw up a post asking about the panels on their facebook. I asked if the panels were coming back in stock, if the panels were becoming End of Life, and if so could I setup a group buy? So if I hear back on any of this info I will pass it down to you.
      Jan 13, 2019 at 5:07 PM
  8. lordfiSh
    lordfiSh Archaea
    1. Archaea
      No I never did.
      Jan 12, 2019
  9. NestedRAID
    i7-8700K @ 4.8GHz|| Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra || 2x SLI EVGA 2080 ti RTX Black with Hydro Copper waterblocks || EVGA P2 1200w || 16GB Royal
  10. bufodr_T
    bufodr_T sMiLeYz
    You cant receive pms. Ill take bf5 for $29 paypal f and f
  11. brett89
    Swiggidy Swag, what's in the bag?
  12. NAXDON
  13. mammothboy
    mammothboy stpeteshepherd
    Greetings. I have a couple bad Klipsch 5.1 amps One humming with no inputs and one is suddenly dead. The one with the hum has white stuff on resistors or whatever the tan things are on the little board that's behind/between the two giant black 820uF 200V caps. Looking for a quote or suggestions or whatnot. Thx!
  14. x509
    Just chilling out with a cold Guiness.
  15. Goldman
    Goldman Kyle_Bennett
    Thank you for the reply to my help thread. I have a couple questions.
    It states "PMs have also been TURNED OFF for new members to prevent scamming of our community members." I am not a new member.
    It also states "(31) New accounts must have a minimum number of post to use the PM/Conversation system. "
    What is the minimum post count to send PMs? My heatware.
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    2. Goldman
      Seems reasonable. I searched the user name and found the guy on reddit. Thanks for your help and good luck with the forum!
      Jan 4, 2019
    3. Kyle_Bennett
      You have PM.
      Jan 4, 2019
    4. Goldman
      Thank you Sir!
      Jan 4, 2019
  16. Unielli95
    Unielli95 Flamingo
    Hi, i really wish to know how the temperature of your thermaltake tower 900 are under air. I'm buying it and i do not want do modify it, use it as it comes with my 8700k and my rtx2080fe.
    Thank you in advice! :)
  17. clownfish27
    clownfish27 BrownThunder
    hi, do you have the model numbers of those ddr3 sodimms? also what voltages do they run on (1.35/1.5V)?
  18. ronin4740
    Grumpy old bastard who remembers ISA slots, IRQs and tweaking config files to optimize upper memory...
  19. Snotrocket
    Snotrocket squirrelgripper
    What was your BF1942 screen name?
  20. squirrelgripper
    squirrelgripper Snotrocket
    hey i used to play bf1942 back in the day with you and your clan. you sent me cracked version of NERO back in 2003ish through AIm and it took forEVER
    1. Snotrocket
      What was your 1942 screenname?
      Jan 1, 2019
  21. k_opy
    k_opy goldy
    On the fence, was going to order Pangea but not sure if I want to wait. Are you by chance in SoCal?
  22. daveayee
    daveayee bobby45512
    still got that blue pc case?
  23. ravx25
    ravx25 stpeteshepherd
    Hi Henry. Are you still fixing Klipsch Promedia amps? I have one where the sub is buzzing. In addition one of the satellites is crackling too, but I think that might be something else. I'll look forward to hearing back - thanks.

    - Chris
  24. k_opy
    k_opy goldy
    Is the Loque sold?
    1. goldy
      still up for sale
      Dec 28, 2018
  25. daveayee
    daveayee MemoryInAGarden
    have you still got that chieftec laying around?
  26. Betauser
    If it was the founders edition, I bought it from EVGA website
  27. Betauser
    Hi, Which one is this? Was it this year?
  28. Estrada530
    Estrada530 xer0
    Mind if I get your contact info?
  29. libertyl
    libertyl Betauser
    hey my friend I bought the evga 1080 from you a while ago. My friend was trying to register it and it was asking for place and date of purchase. I wanted to ask you on the off chance you would remember.
  30. leftysiwel
    looking for a 980ti to replace my old 680 :)
  31. Woiferl94
    Woiferl94 SeegsElite
    Hi SeegsElite,

    i read that you had a Ami Musik DS 5, is this right ?
    Do you have the newest firmware on your computer and is it possible to send me the firmware ?

    Best regards

    1. SeegsElite
      Sold that years ago. Sorry.
      Dec 14, 2018
  32. Coy99
    Coy99 xellos2099alpha
    Are the forza ultimate codes for PC or Xbox?
  33. Funnycreatures
    Funnycreatures Copyright
    White Yeti Blue mic still available?
  34. brank
    brank Ferris23
    i cant figure out the pm on this forum I'll take the i7 cpu lmk if its still available. thanks
  35. ThomasP
    ThomasP guitarslingerchris
    If the FTW3 is still available and you would like to sell it, please let me know. Thanks
  36. wtourist
    maybe later
  37. McCartney
  38. Xarzu
    update avatar
  39. mrouster18
    mrouster18 Steve_010
    Ignored me and not sad to see me go. Tsk tsk. I still have a profile so I can see Genmay. A lurker account.

    -Douche Canoe
  40. stigmata666
    stigmata666 SAMSAMHA
    I'm interested in one of your 2080 ti ftw but can't post. Can you message me please?
      hi, you would need to have certain posts before you can PM so I do not see your PM button
      Dec 4, 2018