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  1. cyberguyz
  2. TheMusketeer
    TheMusketeer ConnorTech
    Do you have heatware
    1. ConnorTech
      Yes, but I just created it as this is my first purchase. I don't want this to look sketchy so I'm willing to pay however you'd like. My Heatware is ConnorTech
      Jul 19, 2018 at 1:57 PM
  3. ConnorTech
  4. JStamsek
  5. gwarren007
    Going through the Big D
  6. nimer
    Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite
    EVIL-SCOTSMAN Pusher of Buttons
    Genius Post.

    U know which one.
    Was going to pm you with regards to peripheral neuropathy which I also have and is a nightmare.

    But you no allow pm’s.

    Was just gunna ask you something
  9. lostin3d
    lostin3d Kyle_Bennett
    1. Kyle_Bennett
      Thank you, sir!
      Jul 11, 2018
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  10. HighTech67
    HighTech67 Gilthanis
    Gilthanis, saw your post in the Formula-BOINC 2018 thread about needing to find homes for some computers. If this is still true, can you give me some details about them? I may be interested if the price is right. I way prefer towers over desktops myself.
  11. acmilangr
    acmilangr MagnaMagicBtu
    Hello my firend. You have removed anti-glare coating from monitor, right?
  12. GabeS
    Still wish I could get access to my original WarriorProphet account on here.
  13. iffyy2k
    iffyy2k maxinflixion
    Interested in the 2600k combo. Pm me best price.
  14. pencea
    Blackpink in your area
  15. tkoons000
    tkoons000 Kelvarr
  16. drutman
  17. pathlesswill
    pathlesswill klinkman
    interested in ram message me
  18. NoTwitch
    NoTwitch Kyle_Bennett
    Hahahaha ... glad you were able to see the entertaining posts. It made for a good chuckle. I'm also glad that you noticed for someone that runs his mouth a lot, he only has 3 members read the entire site. hahahaha. I found that hilarious as well, brought tears to my eyes. Man, you are good. Keep up the good work, thanks for the lulz.
  19. NoTwitch
    NoTwitch Kyle_Bennett
    Thats what I like about you, honest & truthful & non judgmental reviews. Posting the facts how it is, especially with Nvidia B/S tactics with GPP & NDA. Then poppin denying it because he is in bed with nvidia and doesnt want to lose his sponsorship. Exactly how you said it will go down. Did you get the links i sent you? I cannot post without approval. TY
    1. Kyle_Bennett
      I have only read one of his articles on Reddit. Not really sure he is or what he does, but that is his business, not mine. Yep, got the links. Entertaining for sure. Too bad there are only 3 forums members there to read.
      Jun 28, 2018
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    2. Kyle_Bennett
      Also, FYI. I deleted your post in that thread. We do not need the forum drama. We certainly have enough differing opinions in-house to have an adult debate about it without going off the deep in with unfounded conspiracy theories. We will leave that to the little people that live in ivory towers. ;)
      Jun 28, 2018
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  20. NoTwitch
    NoTwitch Kyle_Bennett
    Yea it really is Babble Tech, hehe. good one, nothing but lulz. I closed my account their because I can't stand those 2 senile idiots being so rude and disrespectful and judgmental., on top of letting politics get in the way of a tech site. No wonder poppin is going no where fast. With his big mouth and being a keyboard warrior shows his true colors. Pretty sad individuals, especially sickbeast being his lap dog.
    1. Kyle_Bennett
      Such is the way of the internet. :D People have been calling me a shill and saying I am getting paid under the table for literally decades now. Funny thing is who I am shilling for changes an awful lot. I wish I smart enough to actually do it! LOL! Not really. Not my style.
      Jun 28, 2018
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  21. NoTwitch
    NoTwitch Kyle_Bennett
    it's a total shame for this so called "reviewer" to stoop to that low. calling you a fraud, not a journalist, whilst banning people that are pro-trump because he is anti-trump as well. which makes no sense in a tech forum, its quite sad actually. and he is in bed with nvidia, and barred from AMD, hens his biased reviews. really sad. thanks for your time.
    1. Kyle_Bennett
      Let's let what happens at BabbleTech, stay at BabbleTech. ;) But again, thanks for the heads up.
      Jun 28, 2018
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  22. NoTwitch
  23. NoTwitch
    NoTwitch Kyle_Bennett
    sickbeast seems to participate and encourage this getting banned by multiple forums and complain about you. it's quite sad actually and thought you should know, because they are dis-crediting you for being a real journalist and nothing more then a fraud and AMD PR shill. It upset me so I had to bring it to your attention. i would love to participate in your forum. i hope this doesn't warrant a ban. thank you.
  24. NoTwitch
    NoTwitch Kyle_Bennett
    hey Kyle, i always enjoy your forums and I read but I don't really post, but i just wanted to bring to your attention that apoppin and sickbeast are calling you an AMD Shill, a fake journalist and all sorts of other non-sense regarding the NDA thing. I guess it has something to do with apoppin being senile to talk mad smack about you on his pathetic forum such as you are a shill and a fake journalist.
    1. Kyle_Bennett
      No biggy, I have been called worse. But thanks for having my back.
      Jun 28, 2018
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  25. Austin Craig
    Austin Craig Kyle_Bennett

    Do you think AMD providing GPUs for Intel CPU's is just a one time deal or will this continue to future generations?
    Who might make the replacement CPU for Apple now that they are leaving Intel?
    Do you think any possibility exists that AMD and Intel get in bed together to fight Nvidia (I'm thinking joint venture or something)
    1. Kyle_Bennett
      TMK they are not currently working on another GPU together.
      I do not know.
      On discreet no, on more Kaby Lake-G-ish parts, yes.
      Jun 28, 2018
  26. ChrisS1081
    ChrisS1081 terpsy
    I’d like one of those hard drives I can’t seem to PM
  27. 50Cal
    Kyle has become a pathetic joke, gargling AMD's nutt juice. I'm out and taking my patron dollars with me
  28. lostin3d
  29. Mode13
    #include <stdio.h> int main (int argc, char **argv) { printf ("Hello [H]\n"); return 9000; }
  30. Lil Bad Wolf
    Lil Bad Wolf speedy523
    Hi, probably a long shot but would you still happen to have the UHD code for The Prestige?
  31. DonKing
    DonKing Doozer
    Hi there,
    interested in your 6850K + Asrock X99X Killer. would like to know how long product been used
  32. Vault-Tec
    Vault-Tec Matt Vanoli
    Hey, did you had any pics from your DAN with the Zotac GTX 1080Ti AMP edition inside of it? :)
  33. Lenard
    Lenard Grimlaking
    You are not a good person. Donald Trump is a much better person than you.
    1. Grimlaking
      Jun 20, 2018
  34. Inacurate
    Happily playing games and streaming!
  35. uberseb
    uberseb NKD
    Interested in your i5 7600k combo, could you pm me?
    1. NKD
      Apparently I cant pm you either. If you want to communicate privately create a heatware account at, and my profile link is you should be able to send me a message after you are logged in and go to my profile page.
      Jun 12, 2018
  36. uberseb
    uberseb dook43
    Do you still have the ryzen processor available?
    1. dook43
      Jun 12, 2018
  37. Daniel Royer
    Daniel Royer alienb
    Hi, I still am unsure how to dm on this forum. Anyways, was asking about how many 1080TI's you have left for sale?
  38. Lateralus
    Lateralus Etherton
    Etherton is a giant liar. I got his dick pics and it is not as big as he said. :huffyface:
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    2. Etherton
      He's right. :(
      Jun 11, 2018
  39. TypeO
    TypeO Etherton
    ^I like hotdogs. Big plump wieners.
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  40. Master_shake_
    Master_shake_ Etherton
    this space for rent!
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